Thursday, November 3, 2016


Good morning! 

IMG 6758

(I never shared the picture of Ina visiting her Uncle Cody’s fire station.)

I am cashed after a butt kicking gym class and will be thankful if I have the energy to peel myself off the couch. Here’s hoping. 

Until then, here is what I was thankful for this week:

IMG 6752


  1. Two opportunities to eat cake in one day (gym class and work party; hence the need for a little detox. Ha!)
  2. I won a restaurant gift card at a work party! Dan and I had a date night in our future. 
  3. No one was hurt and my car was minimally damaged when someone rear ended me. My phone, however, shattered during the aftermath. Although I was upset about the screen I kept reminding myself that if a shattered phone was the worst thing to come from the experience, I should be incredibly thankful.IMG 6777


  1. Finished pumpkins. Well, Ina’s was “finished.”
  2. A chance to take Ina out and leave Cora with Dan. I love one on one time with both girls!
  3. I met some of my sister’s co-workers and I love it when people say I look/talk/act like my sister. I think she is pretty much the best, so I consider it a huge compliment. IMG 6775


  1. Dan made me corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast! After running a double workout (running 3 miles with Danielle and gym class), I needed to refuel. 
  2. Having friends who have kids who are friends with my kids. 
  3. The community of my brother’s family’s church. Everyone was just so nice and welcoming at their Trunk or Treat.


  1. We started a financial/money management sermon series at church. I love personal finance, but this is an area where I tend to think, “I’ve got it under control” and don’t rely on God’s help/guidance, so I am excited to learn more. 
  2. After church I was excited to balance our spreadsheet budget, only to find out that someone was using the credit card I lost while on vacation that I thought I would find in my car, but never did. Hmph. I am thankful that I was able to catch this really quickly. 
  3. Small group. Always thankful for them. 


  1. My co-worker gave me some butterfly wings she made for Halloween a few years ago. They were so pretty and Ina was throughly impressed.
  2. We live in a great Halloween/trick-or-treating neighborhood. So fun. 
  3. After multiple police officer attempts, Eric and Kyle were finally able to get Danielle’s van unlocked. This was very important, because her van was holding the cheese dip hostage. 

IMG 6889


  1. Vinegar on cold roasted veggies. Delicous. How am I just now learning about this? 
  2. Listening to Cora squeal. Is there anything better than hearing a child laugh?
  3. Making it through the day without stealing a piece of Ina’s Halloween candy. The struggle is real.

IMG 6891


  1. New phone screen! Texting was becoming increasingly difficult.
  2. Parents as teachers. Our teacher is absolutely fantastic and had the cutest games for Ina to play yesterday. She has inspired me to work more on teaching the girls stuff, although Danielle does a great job of that too. 
  3. Slow cooker buffalo chicken on top of a baked potato with sautéed kale. So good and so filling and very little time spent in the kitchen. Don’t let the picture fool you, it was delicious

IMG 6922

I hope you have a fantastic day! What are you thankful for? 


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