Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Wedding

Hey there!

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How has your weekend been treating you? Our’s was mostly wedding focused. Dan’s sister Kotey married our favorite guy Garth. Dan officiated the wedding and the girls were flower girls, so we were so looking forward to this weekend! 

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(Photo borrowed from the bride’s Facebook page)

Friday night, I spent most of the rehearsal dinner making sure Cora wasn’t throwing a fit on the floor or giving someone a death glare and preventing Ina from destroying all the decorations in the church. The fact that the burlap curtain stayed up was a straight miracle. 

After the rehearsal dinner I met my mom and cousin in the ER because my mom was in a car accident and fractured 7 ribs. She is one tough cookie and hadn’t even had any pain medication by the time I showed up. After some prescriptions and a finger brace, we were out the door. 

Saturday morning I went to gym class and then we packed and prepared for the wedding. We visited my mom (who was doing well) for a few hours and then headed to the chapel.

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(Pre-wedding Cheeto snack)

IMG 6967

When you have 3 flower girls, the odds of them all being in the mood for a picture at the same time are very, very low, but maybe the photographer can work her magic. 

IMG 7027

I was in charge of changing the music during the ceremony, so let me tell you I was pretty surprised when both girls walked down the aisle with smiles on their faces in a timely manner. However, I didn’t quite think about worrying what the girls would do during the ceremony. Dan officiated like a boss, but early on did get a little choked up. While he was trying to get his composure, Ina blurted out, “Oh, come on Daddy!” 

IMG 7016

That got everyone laughing and lightened the mood. Soon Cora decided it was her turn for the spotlight and started screaming until I put her down, and then walked to Dan and Kotey and Garth. I told her she couldn’t get married quite yet and we spent the rest of the ceremony in the back room. 

IMG 6985

We celebrated the new couple with a great dinner, laughing, and cupcakes. 

IMG 7024

(Negotiating who would get the first cupcake)

We were plenty tired on the way home. Today we have church, my nephew Bauer’s birthday, and then small group.  

IMG 6973

Here is my plan for the week:

I hope you have a fantastic week! <3

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