Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Clean Garage + My Plan for the Week

Hey there!

I am currently so, so, so excited because in a few hours Dan and I are going to the Chiefs game. Tailgating plus game watching was our Sunday ritual pre-kids, and oh have things changed. Now Sundays are filled with church and grocery shopping and catching bits of the game through replays while attending to Ina and Cora or in between meal preps. 

 (We were babies!)


 Of course I love our new Sundays too, but watching (parts of) the game on TV just isn’t the same. If you see a girl with a ridiculously big smile on her face on TV today, that is me.

Thankfully, the weekend so far has been very low key, so I have a lot of energy to be used today. Friday night Dan made breakfast for dinner while the girls and I hung out with him in the kitchen. Cora has figured out how to climb into the kitchen tower. 

IMG 6931

I see lots of baking in our future. 

After dinner we watched The Goonies as a family. Dan and I had never seen it before, but somehow Ina has, because she kept on telling us what was about to happen. It was super cheesy, but we loved it. 

Saturday I worked for a few minutes, we hung around eating breakfast and watching Frozen, and then the entire family ventured out to the garage for most of the day to complete one of my November goals, and boy did we. 

We cleared out the entire bay of the garage, including the wall. Now, not only can I park there, but I can also open all the car doors all the way which is nice when buckling children in carseats. Seriously, I think I hear angels singing every time I open the door.

IMG 6938

We celebrated that accomplishment with a family trip to the park where the girls wore themselves out so much that they both went to bed early while Dan and I watched the latest episode of This is Us. 

On the food and fitness front:

- I am taking a fitness rest weekend this weekend. I love my new gym class so much that I don’t want to take days off and that is catching up with me. 

- I am continuing on my little food reset of no sugar/refined flours and it is going well. The first few days were hard, but now that the sugar is out of my body, I am good. I have to admit that I will take a little hiatus from this during the game today. 

Here is my meal plan for the week. I had plans to go grocery shopping yesterday, but that didn’t happen, so this may have to be improvised a little.

  • Sunday: leftovers
  • Monday: balsamic beef with roasted green beans and baby potatoes
  • Tuesday: chicken pot pie soup with salad
  • Wednesday: dinner with family 
  • Thursday: picadillo with brown rice and 
  • Friday: Dan’s sister’s rehearsal dinner
  • Saturday: Dan’s sister’s wedding! (The girls are flower girls and Dan is giving the ceremony, so I am going to be one nervous momma/wife.)
  • Breakfast: Sweet potato and spinach egg bake. I will have to double the batch this week because Cora has single handedly eaten last week’s. She seriously screams until she gets it every morning and then screams again when it is gone. Ha!
  • Lunches: leftovers OR roasted veggies, steamed lentils, and cooked chicken bowls with a tahini/vinegar dressing.

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  1. Love reading your meal plans for the week! They give me some different ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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