Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday Update

Hey hey hey. 

I don’t have an organized post topic, so this is going to be in bullet format. 

 - Dan and I started watching This is Us last night. One episode in and I can say that this show is excellent. Like a cross between Parenthood and How I Met Your Mother. We both hysterically cried for a few minutes at the end and laughed in between. All the emotions. Hopefully I can convince him to watch another episode tonight. 

- I purchased the girls’ Halloween costumes yesterday. I had big plans in my head to make them and then the free space in my calendar between now and Halloween starting disappearing, so Amazon and Etsy for the win.

Ina told me she wanted to me a “Midnight Witch” (whatever that means?) and I had the bright idea of letting her look at the pictures on Amazon to pick out her own costume.

Never again.

As it turns out she is particular about these things. For example, she immediately threw the costume out of the running if it had a “crooked broom.” Twenty minutes and a lot of arguing later, we are the proud owner of the most expensive witch costume Amazon has to offer. Seriously, it has lights. 

- I am falling in love with my slow cooker again. Yesterday I made applesauce with some apples that were pre-sliced and pre-peeled in the freezer (thanks in-laws) and today I am slow cooking a turkey breast. Speaking of turkey, make these turkey Indian meatballs. You’re welcome.

IMG 6652

- I am still loving my functional fitness class down the street. I can’t wait to tell you more about it, but I leave every morning with my booty sufficiently kicked. I don’t even mind waking up at 4:40 to get there. Or at least this week I don’t. 

IMG 6651

- We put some more Star Wars tattoos on the girls yesterday. Cora couldn’t stop looking at her belly and giggling. 

IMG 6653

I hope you have an excellent hump day. See you tomorrow with some things to be thankful for!



  1. OMG! We just watched episode 1 of of This is Us last night, too! Yes, best pilot I've seen in a long time. Really drew us in.

    1. Right!?! It took a lot of self discipline to stop at the pilot and go to sleep. :)


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