Thursday, October 27, 2016


Good morning!

I just returned home from bootcamp wearing a party hat and holding a lovely piece of carrot cake. We celebrated a friend’s birthday and defintely “earned" the cake during our workout. 

This week has flown by and by the looks of the calendar, the rest of the week will go even faster. Today Cora has her 15 month check-up (how?) and hopefully the girls can have a little cousin play date.

This week I was thankful for:


  1. Papa Gordon and all the great memories we had with him.
  2. Our friends and family who came to the funeral and/or sent flowers. We are so truly blessed. 
  3. Having kids around. They are the sunshine on these sad days.

IMG 6716


  1. Our sweet friend made us Chicken pot pie for dinner. Mmmm.
  2. Grandma June being able to visit and help with Cora. So cute. 
  3. Dan having a job that is flexible enough to take Ina to work. 

IMG 6732


  1. Getting out of Target with exactly what I planned to buy when I walked in the store. Victory.
  2. Going to a small town church action and feeling the sense of community. 

IMG 6747


  1. Rest day. Boy was I tired. 
  2. Chiefs football with nachos. Love.
  3. We finally had small group again! We had a few weeks off and it felt so good to be back in great discussion with some people I adore.

IMG 6748


  1. Sheet pan dinners that can be prepped before work.
  2. Marriage counseling. I think everyone should do it. Ha!
  3. Granny could come and play and help with the girls. 


  1. Quick meetings where everyone comes to an agreement. Quickly. 
  2. My boss’s boss had a meeting to ask us ways our company and processes can improve. I really appreciate that.
  3. My cousin Alexis is in town and will be staying with us for the next few days! We love visitors. 

IMG 6749


  1. My work had Korean bipimap(?) bowls in the cafeteria - so exciting to try something new!
  2. Alexis was there to help with pumpkin carving. Somehow I didn’t prepare for the craziness associated with three adults trying to cook dinner, carve pumpkins, keep a 3 year old safe around knives, and calm a crying baby with a diaper rash. 
  3. Mom came over and sorted/clean the pumpkin seeds! Looking for a good spicy recipe now. 

I hope you have a great week! <3

What are you thankful for? 

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