Thursday, October 13, 2016


Good morning!


I am back from my gym class and ready to start the day, so let’s get to it. This week I was thankful for: 


  1. I am finally down to two cups of coffee per day. The third (and, ahem, sometimes fourth) were making me so jittery and causing low blood sugar in the afternoon. Even knowing this giving up my pre- and post-lunch cups of joe was hard.
  2. A beautiful fall mid-day run. 
  3. Finally cancelling my gym membership that I never, never used. (Motivated by Friday #1 below)


  1. Finding a new gym, right now the street, with nice people and fantastic workouts. Seriously, a dream come true. 
  2. Getting a good night’s sleep after weeks of tossing and turning. 
  3. Passing a test at work that I was dreading. I have to take it every 2 years and every 2 years I dread it. 


  1. Having so many family members who will help with the girls. I think Dan’s sister has a radar that tells her when I need a break. She just swoops in and saves the day.
  2. Dutch ovens and the amount of delicious food that can be cooked in them.
  3. The space heater inside the camper. It kept us nice and toasty.


  1. Cora slept through the night in the camper. Whew. I think she knew if she didn’t I would set her pack N play up on the roof, so she made a wise decision. 
  2. The beautiful fall weather. Have I mentioned that yet?
  3. Dan cooked dinner, which means I had the entire weekend off from preparing food. I love to cook, but having a break every once in a while is nice. 


  1. I followed a truck with a back full of Christmas trees on the way to work today. It put me in a good mood.
  2. My car was cleaned out by the wonderful workers at Water Way. Unfortunately, they didn’t find the cause of the dirty diaper smell, but did give us a lemon air freshener. When Ina got in the car she said, “Ewww…it smells like a rotten lemon in here.” I have to admit her assessment was on point, but there isn’t much I can do about it because I have no idea where the smell is coming from. 
  3. My mom watched the girls while Dan and I went to marriage counseling. 


  1. Having a few freezers stocked with food. 
  2. Etsy seamstresses and their talents that greatly outweigh mine.
  3. Ina’s love for puzzles and how they will entertain her for hours. Our kitchen table is currently covered in puzzles that she doesn’t want to take apart. It is so cute that I am letting it slide. 


  1. Ina making me coffee in the morning. Seriously, I have always said that all I want is for someone to make me coffee.
  2. A woman I work with is on Family Feud and we had a watch party at the office. So much fun!
  3. Having dinner ready and waiting in the slow cooker when I walk in the door. Fantastic. 

Have a great day! What are you thankful for? <3

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