Thursday, October 6, 2016


Good morning!

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(So, this year’s sunflower picture was a fail. Does it count if they have lost all their petals?)

It is nice and stormy in KC, which is the perfect opportunity to procrastinate my run and sit down with my laptop and piping hot Yeti and talk about what I was thankful for this week.


  1. Cora, out of the blue, started walking. Of course, I was excited to see her reach this milestone, but more fun was seeing her eyes light up with excited determination with each step she took. 
  2. Some outside kick the ball time with the family. I never realized how fun kicking a ball could be. I now very slightly understand the draw to soccer.
  3. I found my retainer! After four days of not wearing it my teeth had moved so much I kept on biting the inside of my mouth. Ouch.


  1. A quick but heart pounding morning workout. This was exactly what I needed to provide the mental clarity required to tackle this day.
  2. Kim, my friend/neighbor, brought over apple cider donuts. YUM.
  3.  Early bedtime on Friday. Nothing makes me feel more cool than turning the lamp out at 8:30.


  1. Being blessed with so many loved ones to visit. 
  2. Having friends with kids the same age as mine. 
  3. Having little kids when visiting the nursing home. I know that sounds super strange, but when we go to the nursing home to visit Papa Gordon,  the residents sitting in the hallway light up as we walk by and almost always ask a question or make a comment. Ina and Cora are both attention seekers, so they eat it up dancing, singing, or yelling. One of the residents legit yodeled for Ina this past visit. It was the best. Another resident just looked at me seriously and said, “I hope you know what you have right now."


  1. Having a huge unconditional support system.
  2. The fall weather has been absolutely beautiful. Can we always have small group outside?
  3. Seeing Sarah, my friend who lives in DC. It was just for an hour, but was so nice.


  1. Dan’s new job allows him to take the girls to work with him on days when they can’t go to Danielle’s. Actually taking both girls may have been a little overwhelming. Next time, maybe we can divide and hope for the best.
  2. Coming home to two healthy girls. I have to admit, I was a little worried. Just a little.
  3. Good, quality, week night family time.

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  1. Facetiming Dan and the kids when they are home and I am at work. It was hard to stay there, especially when Cora didn’t understand how she could see me, but not touch me, which led to a little pre-nap meltdown. Poor thing. I am sure my co-workers will take me completely serious now that they may have heard me reciting Chicka Chicka Boom Boom in an attempt to make her stop crying. 
  2. Parents as Teachers. We have been on the waiting list for a while, so we just recently started. However, we love it. Cora was evaluated, and everything was fine with her. They also have a fantastic library full of books, games, and toys. We checked out a toy from the library. So cool!
  3. Chipotle is available when my cooking desires are not. 


  1. This super easy but delicious one pan dinner
  2. Work is winding down. A little. Which means I don’t feel the need to be on email the first hour of my day. Instead, I can talk to you. :)
  3. Ina finally deciding on a Halloween costume. Hopefully this one sticks. 

What are you thankful for?

Have a lovely day! <3

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