Monday, October 10, 2016

Rendezvous 2016

Good morning and Happy Monday! 

IMG 6643 2

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. 

IMG 6625

We went camping with Dan’s dad and his friends. This is a yearly event and the 4th year we have been.

IMG 6650 2

(Dan’s sister Kotey and her fiancĂ© Garth. They are getting married next month and both girls are going to be flower girls!)

Let me tell you, these people know how to camp. 

IMG 6626

More specifically, they know how to cook. 

IMG 6641

The main meal is almost exclusively cooked with Dutch ovens and is hands down the best meal I eat each year. 

IMG 6649

(Dan’s step mom, the cutest sous chef. Dan was taking this picture and he was more than likely messing with her. Ha!)

Dan’s dad was also sweet enough to let us borrow one of his rental campers. The girls absolutely loved it.

IMG 6630

We had a few sleeping issues with Cora the first night, as she is used to sleeping in her crib by herself, but Dan took over Cora duty the second night and did much better than me at getting her to sleep. 

IMG 6634

Ina loved being the only kid with many adults to give her their undivided attention. She colored, told stories, and threw lots of leaves on her sister. Cora was a little fussy, but I am going to chalk that up to a lack of sleep and a different environment. 

IMG 6645

We got home Sunday afternoon and spent the rest of the day catching up for the week - lawn mowing, grocery shopping, laundry, etc. 

IMG 6647
I hope you have a great day! <3

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