Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Full Family Workout

Hi there!

Blogging for three days in a row. I must be setting some type of 2016 record.

Yesterday Danielle’s son was sick (poor little guy), so Dan took the girls with him to work. I had the morning to myself and instead of squeezing in a workout, I decided to leisurely get ready for work, paint my nails, and make myself breakfast. You know, the important stuff. 

IMG 6615

(Aside: have you tried mashed sweet potatoes for breakfast? I roast a batch of them in foil, squeeze the flesh out of the skin, and mash it in a big bowl that I keep in the fridge. For breakfast I grab what I want and top with almond butter, chia seeds, and cinnamon. So yummy and nutritious.)

After work I knew I had to get a workout in, but pulled in the driveway to find Dan and the girls home a little early. Dan insisted I could go on a run, but I decided I was up for the challenge of working out while hanging out with the family. 

I grabbed my weights and some popsicles for distraction and got to work.

IMG 6601

Note, more than one popsicle is necessary when you have more than one kid. Also note that I do sometimes put pants on Cora and brush Ina’s hair. Sometimes.

Ina counted my reps and did some of my HIIT rounds with me (high knees, sprinting across the yard, fast feet, etc.). Dan ran the timer. Cora cried when I wouldn’t hold her and was great at dripping popsicle juice down my back during push-ups and planks.

IMG 6610

As you can see, some were more helpful than others. 

Even though the workout took me almost twice as long as it would have normally, we all actually had a great time and enjoyed a beautiful fall evening in the back yard together. 

We wrapped up the evening with leftovers for dinner (I had leftover soup), a little chocolate, and an episode of Fixer Upper. 

'Twas a good day. 

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