Thursday, September 8, 2016


Good morning!

So many things to be thankful for this week:

IMG 6333


  1. Our friends/neighbors Mike and Kim fed our dog while we were gone and also played dog catcher. Apparently he missed us because he got out of the yard and made it on the neighborhood Facebook page many times. Bless their sweet hearts for taking on such a responsibility!
  2. Our last day of vacation was so good: breakfast, swimming at the hotel, pirate boat ride, nap time, dinner at Salty Dog, and then Harbor Town to see Gary Russell
  3. Speaking of Gary Russell (a family entertainer who has been performing in the same place for 40 summers in a row)- I was so thankful he was there the same time as us. We practically missed him, as it was his last weekend there! We have been singing the unicorn song nonstop since then. 

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  1. We left the island just as the hurricane turned tropical storm was coming. We saw piers that had broken off on the way out and it took us about twice as long to get off the island, but this way it wasn’t so hard to say goodbye. 
  2. We found a Pappasitos (one of our favorite Houston restaurants) in Atlanta. YUM. 
  3. Even though our hotel in Nashville seemed somewhat sketchy, we had a perfectly pleasant experience and all the other patrons were more than nice to us.

IMG 6412


  1. We found a Dunkin Donuts when I was seriously craving an apple fritter
  2. Dan drove the entire day
  3. We are HOME! The girls played in their toy room for two hours straight. 


  1. An amazing message at church: When God Says No
  2. Having time to spend with Dan’s parents. Papa Gordon slept most of the time we were there, but squeezed in some Ina snuggles and Cora smiles first. Although he is tired, he isn’t in pain, which I am so thankful for.
  3. Dinner with friends.

IMG 6416


  1. Cora returning to her normal wake-up time of 7:30, versus her vacation wake-up time of 5. Why?
  2. Lunch and swimming at Grandma Frankie’s
  3. Returning to the normal routine. I always look forward to vacation, but vacation also helps me look forward to a plain ol’ normal day.

IMG 6430


  1. Dan starting a new job working with his dad selling and renting campers, mainly Teardrops. We are both super excited about it and I hope to do a whole post about it soon!
  2. My co-workers who covered my projects while I was away. They had quite a bit of work to do. 
  3. When Ina decided to recreate her Snapchat filter, she used washable marker. Sigh.


  1. Some activity has returned to my life: a morning walk with the girls, a lunch time JM workout, and an evening family walk before dinner.
  2. Ina ate all her vegetables at dinner last night and then asked for carrots after she was done. Vegetables have been a pretty big struggle lately, so this is definitely something to be thankful for. 
  3. My kale plants starting producing more leaves. I thought they were done for the season after some bugs got them, but it looks like we are good for a few more weeks at least!

Have a good day!

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