Monday, September 5, 2016

My Labor Day Plan

Hey there!

We got back from vacation yesterday and bounced right back into life at home, or should I say, not at home? We went to church and then made the drive to Dan’s parents house for a quick visit. The good news about the road trip is that the girls are more happy to be in the car, like they have started holding hands in the car.

The bad news is that Cora is now almost completely resistant to the car nap. No more can we plan trips to coincide with her nap time. Darn.

After visiting with Dan’s mom and step-dad we drove back to the city to visit our friends the Nybergs, play, and eat some great food.

IMG 6409

When I crept over to take that picture I head Silo ask Ina to marry him. Then Ina said something about the plants being wedding gifts. Heart melted.

Today we are catching up on some chores at home and then heading out to a Labor Day get together. 

Here is my plan for the week:


Fitness: My erythema nodosum has calmed down significantly and I think I have rested enough to start slowly exercising again. My plan is to go through the JM Body Revolution videos one at a time and make my way back to my previous strength/cardio level, with a few runs/walks in between. 

I hear a Cora talking...

I hope you have a wonderful holiday! 


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