Thursday, August 18, 2016


Good morning! How are things on your side of the internet?

I am not feeling too hot this morning (more on that below) and don’t get my next naproxen dose until 10, so I am hoping that listing things to be thankful for will turn my mood around.


  1. Our financial planner sent us some books to read. It was so sweet and I am looking forward to reading more. 
  2. Having friends who wear my size shoes/clothes to borrow from. Now if I could just get good at returning what was borrowed.
  3. Soap. Cora is in the feeding herself with her hands phase and we give her whatever we are having for dinner, so it tends to be pretty messy. Bath time is much needed. 


  1. A last minute visit from my sister, niece, and nephews!
  2. The not horribly hot temps when our air conditioner broke (or so we thought - see Tuesday)
  3. Aldi pizza (this might make the list every week)


  1. Kid pajamas. They are seriously the cutest. Ina doesn’t like to wear them to bed and mostly just sleeps in a pull-up, so going to the pajama party was a great excuse to have her wear them.
  2. The grace my family extended to me when we rushed to get to a party that I believed started at 1, that actually started at 3. Whomp whomp. Dan saved the day by finding a new-to-us park to entertain us in between time.
  3. Our kids’ health. At our second party of the day Dan and I met a couple with a sweet baby girl that has had a super tough road so far and a tough road ahead. They have been troopers so far and I admire them so much. 


  1. Our church. The worship and message were so great.
  2. Sunday morning visits to the donut shop have become our before church tradition. Don’t worry, I ran and drank a kale smoothie before we left. Balance, people.
  3. Ina spending the night at Granny and Papa’s house. 


  1. How easy it is to get out of the house with one child. Who can’t talk and therefore can’t argue with everything. Everything. 
  2. Finding a Target with the motherload of clearance items. I bought a mom appropriate romper for our vacation next week. Pretty pumped.
  3. Learning the difference between unconditional love and unconditional acceptance. 


  1. The AC guy and came to fix the AC, or in other words, re-set the breaker. Yep, we went 4 days without AC when we could have gone and flipped a switch.
  2. My mom who watched Cora last minute at a restaurant because I was not feeling great and felt like I should go to urgent care. I had a fever with no other sickly symptoms and my ankle was pounding (had been for a few days), so in my paranoid mind I thought I had an infected joint. 
  3. The nurse practitioner didn’t laugh me out of the place when I tried to explain my worries to her, even though by sight my ankle looked fine. I told her I am typically a healthy person, so when something isn’t right I get a little freaked out. She did some tests and didn’t find anything emergent, so she sent me home with a referral to an orthopedic doc. Two days later I still have a pounding ankle and a fever in between naproxen doses. 


  1. Rhea Lanas and the ease in which I can sell the baby stuff we won’t be using anymore. Also, a friend’s mom helped me distribute the stuff, which helped speed up the drop off by about 30 minutes. 
  2. Cleaning out my desk at work and finding a few things. A note from an old friend, a gift card, our marriage license, etc. 
  3. Ina-Cora hugs. The sweetest.

Have a good rest of your week! What are you thankful for?

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