Friday, July 29, 2016

Things Ina Says: What She Wants to Learn

The other day Ina and I were discussing the possibility of her going to pre-school (which we later found out isn't a possibility for this year). I asked her if she wanted to go to pre-school and she responded, "Yes! I want to learn to read!"

Oh, that is so sweet, I thought, and probably not going to happen when you are three, but still, so sweet.

"That is great!" I eventually said. "What else do you want to learn?

Without even missing a beat she replied, "Back-flips."

At this point I pretty much lost it, but managed to ask, "What else?"

She had obviously put some thought into this, because she started rattling things off:

"I want to learn to drive. I mean, I can drive my Barbie Jeep well, but I want to drive your car."

"I want to paint my finger nails and only get paint on this part (pointing to her nail) and not this part (pointing to her skin)."

"I want to jump way up to the sky! Oh, no, wait, that would be scary!"

"I want to not be scared of wolves." (???)

I was so excited to tell her that she would be able to do all of those things. Very soon. All of those things and so, so much more.

I simultaneously can and cannot wait to watch her. <3

Have a great Friday friends.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like gymnastics is in Ina's future. She will love the Olympics this summer.


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