Thursday, July 28, 2016



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This week I was thankful for:


  • Blackberries from our bush in the backyard. Enough to make a blackberry crisp!
  • Knowing my babies are safe every night when I put them in bed. 
  • A gift card from work. Big Momma’s going shopping. 


  • Dan mowed the yard. Seriously, I love a freshly mowed yard.
  • I took the girls grocery shopping by myself and no one (including me) had a melt down. Win. 
  • Time to read (my own book) before bed every night. Even if it is just a few pages. 


  • All my friends and family who helped/offered to help for the party. 
  • Everyone who came to Cora’s party. This girl felt the love. 
  • Dan’s sister and her boyfriend helped us load everything from the party in our car and their car, then drove to our house, helped us unload it, and then stayed and played with the girls for a few hours. It was great. 

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  • New church clothes for Cora. So exciting. 
  • Chipotle gift card from our friends for watching their dog. Lunch tastes better when it doesn’t make a line in my budget spreadsheet. 
  • Time to see Dan’s parents and my grandparents


  • Naked baby booties in the baby pool.
  • Slightly re-organizing the toy room. Cora’s new stuff needed its own space. 
  • The last two weeks of JM’s body revolution workout. I have to say I am thankful for this or else I will cry. It is tough cookies. IMG 6066


  • Frozen leftovers. We desperately need to go grocery shopping, but instead I pulled a “mystery” bag of leftovers out of the freezer, which ended up being pasta sauce. A little heat up on the stove and dinner was served!
  • Cora’s first year check-up went great (other than 4 shots - so sad). She finally put on a little bit of weight and the doctor told me she is the cutest one year old she has ever seen. Ha!
  • My dad stopped by for an errand and then stayed to read the girls some books before bed. It was fantastic.

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  • Danielle took the girls to a children’s museum. Ina had a blast.
  • Finally getting my hair trimmed and eyebrows waxed. Things were looking scary over here. 
  • Dan making dinner! Walking in the door to dinner on the table sure is a treat.

We are headed off to Branson tonight for a little family weekend getaway! I hope you have a fantastic end to your week and a blessed weekend. 

Thank you for you.


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