Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy First Birthday Cora Lee!

Happy first birthday Miss Cora Lee!

DSC 0121

I cannot believe that a year ago she entered this world and our family instantly felt like she was always there. 

DSC 0128

As she has grown, her little personality has started to shine through the baby complacency. 

DSC 0186

She can’t help but smile, even when she is crying. 

DSC 0206

Her red hair screams that she is a different baby than her sister.

DSC 0230

She has very recently decided that she will start screaming as well, mostly when she doesn’t get what she wants or when Ina has decided she is having too much fun with a toy and takes it away. 

DSC 0194

She can clap, wave, dance, and give the best open mouthed kisses that are more like dive bombs if you aren't expecting one. 

DSC 0240

She can entertain herself for an hour or so just by going into the toy room and picking up a toy, holding it for a few minutes, then putting it down and moving on to the next item of inspection. 

DSC 0270

She loves blueberries, Goldfish crackers, sweet potatoes, and pizza and does not usually accept others eating while she is not.

DSC 0277

She crawls with a “limp” with one leg up on her foot, gorilla style, and the other leg dragging behind on her knee. 

DSC 0309

We call her Gingersnap and Sidewinder due to the reasons above. 

DSC 0372

We celebrated her first birthday on Saturday at a local splash park. Once again we were blown away by how incredibly blessed our family is to have so many people we love and love us at our fingertips. My living room is perfect evidence of that love, with new toys scattered about. 

I am looking forward to what the next year brings!

(Thanks to my awesome friend Chessa, who took pictures at the birthday party, edited them, and emailed them to me within a few hours!)

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  1. Love love love the pictures!! What fun and what blessing!!


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