Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Things Ina Says: 3.5 Years

Ina: Mom, you are sexy!

Me: Um, thank you? (I am sure I had a super concerned look on my face)

Ina: Mom, what does sexy mean?

Me: Umm…well…umm


IMG 5418

Ina: I love chicken legs! I am going to eat chicken legs everyday for the rest of my life. What part of the chicken is the chicken leg?

Me: The leg. Like your leg, but on a chicken.

Ina: ::drops chicken leg in shock::


IMG 5240

Does anyone want to see my new style?

::Walks in circles while snapping her finger and shaking her head::


IMG 5598

I walk into the room and see Ina is awake. 

Me: Good morning Ina.

Ina: I want a donut


IMG 5670

We are at Home Depot and she convinces me to carry her on my shoulders. As I am lifting her up there she says, “Thanks Mamma. Everyone will be amazed."

A few seconds later we walked by a family who in no way acknowledged us and she whispered, “They were amazed.'


Um, guys, I have something you are going to like. I think I like brussels sprouts again.


When it gets done raining, there will be a rainbow. (pauses for a few seconds)

Way to go God!


IMG 5704

Dan: What are you going to do when you grow up?

Ina: Make money.

Dan: A lot of money or a little?

Ina: Lots

Me: What are you going to do with all of that money?

Ina: Throw it in fountains.

That’s my girl.


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