Thursday, June 23, 2016


This week I was thankful for: 

IMG 5851

Day 1

  • Blueberry picking. (Cora has single handedly eaten almost all of our 3 pounds that we picked)
  • Country songs. I haven’t listened to country in a long time, but I switched up my Pandora. I forgot how effective country songs are at making you bawl your eyes out. 
  • Cora doesn’t have an ear infection. This is good, but why oh why is she screaming all night long. (This has since stopped and she slept through the night last night. Yay!)

IMG 5850

Day 2

  • ThredUp (<— affiliate link) Cleaning out my closets just got a whole lot easier and much more lucrative. 
  • Visiting my grandparents and seeing they are doing well at home. See my grandma stand in the kitchen, even if for a few seconds, was beautiful. 
  • Grace. 

IMG 5864

Day 3

  • One on one time with Ina at the pool.
  • Someone “giving” me a free Aldi cart. It always makes my day and restores my faith in humanity.
  • All of my part time job calls got cancelled, so I had an unexpected day off. 

IMG 5875

Day 4

  • Rib bones.
  • Dads. Uncles. Papas. Friends. 
  • Shade. 

IMG 5887

Day 5

  • Paleo coffee creamer. 
  • Plenty of water at baseball practice. Oh man, it was hot out for those kiddos. About 15 minutes in Ina gave up and started laying on the bench, whining, and asking when we could leave. 

IMG 5889

Day 6

  • Cora and her love for kale. I sautéed some kale for breakfast for myself, but once she saw me eating it she crawled over to me grunting and yelling until I gave her some and she pretty much ate my entire plate. 
  • Our laundry shoot. Sometimes I forget how convenient it is just to throw all the dirty clothes down a hole. 
  • House guests. A family from our small group at church that moved to Colorado is back in town visiting and staying with us. There is something about having more people sleeping under our roof that warms my heart. 

IMG 5902

Day 7

  • Completing a 3 mile run FIRST thing in the morning (even before coffee). 
  • Making the last minute decision to take dinner to Dan’s grandma’s house who has a pool. I have to admit that I wasn’t very happy about packing dinner, the girls, and all of our swim stuff in the car after work, but it ended up being NBD. 
  • Steak. Corn. Mmmmm…

(After we took a picture of Cora crawling around with her corn Ina wanted to pose with her’s as well.)

IMG 5912

Have a good Thursday!

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