Thursday, June 16, 2016


This week I was thankful for:

IMG 5804

Day 1

  • My in-laws are watching the girls for two nights, so after work I was able to shop and meander around CostCo without having a timeframe to get home by. #momlife
  • A full night’s sleep. 
  • A refrigerator full of fresh and delicious food. 

IMG 5806

Day 2

  • Gilmore Girls
  • Having a terrific date night with Dan to celebrate our 8th anniversary. We went to Justus Drugstore and tried lots of new food. (Bone marrow. cow tongue, pate, rabbit, duck, etc. It was so fun.)
  • Feeling like “me” again. I am afraid I won’t explain this right, because I don’t want it to sound like I don’t like being around my kids. I do absolutely love being around my kids and I miss them a lot when they are gone. However, having two nights away from them allows me to remember things about me, allows me to do things I want to do. The same thing happened when Ina was around a year old. 

IMG 5822

Day 3

  • Packing lists. Although they are more useful when you remember to use them.
  • The nice woman who worked at the hotel we randomly booked 3 hours before we arrived who explained the directions to her location twice to me and then twice to Dan. 
  • Jimmy Johns delivery. Even in the thick traffic of Branson, they were somehow freakishly fast.

IMG 5808

Day 4

  • The fact that my entire family was in swimsuits when Cora started vomiting. As it turns out, if you are going to have a child vomit, a swimsuit is the perfect choice of clothing because it makes for (multiple) easy clean-ups.
  • Rain check tickets at the water park- I guess we have to plan another trip. Darn.
  • Monopoly Deal. I have a new favorite game.

IMG 5837

Day 5

  • Our small group families. We just love them.
  • Go-karts. 
  • Kiddie pools. (Not to be confused with kitty pools. Ina was sorely disappointed to find there were no cats in the pool.)

IMG 5830

Day 6

  • Coffee on the patio watching the sunrise. 
  • Under Armour outlet. Mama has new workout clothes.
  • Podcasts for the drive home while everyone is sleeping.

IMG 5810

Day 7

  • My 5 year anniversary at work! Apparently there is a gift involved. I have narrowed my choice between a Kindle or portable DVD players for the car. I think the girls are going to win on this one. 
  • Danielle took the girls to the zoo yesterday and apparently Ina pet an orange snake. She was sure to tell everyone that she likes snakes now. 
  • Chinese delivery. Why is it so hard to come back and cook dinner after vacation? And exercise? And do laundry? And wake up on time? 

OK, I am done whining now. I hope you have a blessed day! 

What are you thankful for? 

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