Sunday, June 26, 2016

My Plan for the Week

Hey there! 

What a weekend it has been so far. 

Friday afternoon I shut my laptop and Dan and I immediately packed the girls in the car and headed to the splash park. 

IMG 5929

Cora loved it until she was cold. Ina had so much fun that she kept on accidentally running into people. After she had to apologize to the third kid that face planted due to her absentmindedness, Ina said (in her best Eeyore voice), “I sure have knocked a lot of people over today."

IMG 5928

Sorry kid, you get that trait from me. I have been accidentally knocking people over since I could walk. I can say that it gets a little better as you age. 

After the splash park, we came home, quickly cooked some fajitas (I had marinated the chicken that morning), and crashed. 

Saturday Dan made breakfast and we donned our swimsuits again to swim at Dan’s grandma’s pool. 

IMG 5932

Some other family and friends were there and we had a great time. After naps (the girls and Dan) and grocery shopping (me), we packed up in our friend Sheila’s van to go to our first Royals game of the season. 

IMG 5951

The game itself wasn’t that fun to watch (I don’t think I have ever been to a winning game against Houston), but we still throughly enjoyed the night. 

IMG 5952

The past few days have been pretty on the go, which can make doing a detox or clean eating a challenge. However, having food prepped makes grabbing a healthy choice so much easier. I was thankful there were plenty of leftovers in the fridge from the week to keep me fed and prevent hangry Racheal from coming out. 

Today we are looking forward to some relaxing and staying put. 

Here is what we are up to this week:


Fitness: The last week of Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution Phase 2. Workouts 7 and 8, Cardio 2, and likely a 3ish mile run. But today I rest. Yay!

What are you up to this week? Any fun summer recipes to share? 

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