Monday, June 6, 2016

Lake Weekend + This Week's Plan

Hey there! Good Monday morning! 

IMG 5770

The girls and I returned home last night after a fun weekend at the lake with some family.

IMG 5758

We had a blast and enjoyed relaxing and boating. 

The day we were leaving Ina demanded that she make a list of what we were going to do at the lake. She said we couldn’t leave until she made one. I finally convinced her to wait until we got there, thinking she would be distracted by the water or boat or general fun around her. However, she was not deterred. 

IMG 5767  1

She literally got out of the water where she was swimming and smiling and laughing, asked for a pen and paper, and got to work. What have I done to this child?

IMG 5769

On the list: boat, swim, tube, eat, and relax with a rogue x. 

Other good weekend memories:

IMG 5773

- Me failing to pack a baby life jacket for Cora, but her mostly tolerating her child-size turtle shell.

IMG 5771

- My uncle and brother-in-law jumping off a cliff

- Tubing with Ina

- Seeing two bald eagles

- Running out of gas on the boat. No worries, we had some very nice people help us out.

- Cora screaming like she was being tortured for over half the drive home. Not good, but definitely memorable.

After a weekend of relaxing I am recharged and ready to tackle this week. Here’s the plan:


Fitness: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Week 6: I am going to repeat last week’s workouts because I skipped two of them to have fun. 

Have a great week! 

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