Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Ina's First T-Ball Practice

A few months ago one of my friends sent me a link to toddler t-ball at a local park. Oh, we are totally in, I thought and called to sign Ina up. I didn’t think to consult Ina in the matter until after they charged my credit card. 

Looking back, I probably didn’t choose the best moment. We had just been at a carnival all day in Texas during which she ate, saw, did, and rode everything to her three year old heart’s desire. She hadn’t heard the word “no” until I told her she couldn’t eat candy for dinner in the car on the way home. I thought I would change the subject and her mood by saying, “Hey guess what Ina. I just signed you up to learn how to play toddler t-ball!"

What? No! Un-sign me up. Un-sign me up! Un-sign me up!

I told her no and thought I would wait it out. Days later I talked about it again. 

Un-sign me up!

I tried telling her she would be like Eric Hosmer.

Un-sign me up!

I bragged to her friend Gunner at daycare about how she was going to learn to play just like him.

Un-sign me up!

Because I am dramatic, I pictured myself dragging her to the fields kicking and screaming, but then I had one last hope. I had to order her a baseball glove and saw that Amazon had a pink option. 

Hey Ina, I ordered you a baseball glove. And its pink.

Un-sign…wait…a PINK glove? Let me see.

I should have known from the beginning it was all about the accessories.

IMG 5785

Oh, and the snacks.

IMG 5788

I am starting to think that Ina might be a little afraid to try something if she isn’t going to be immediately good at it. She told me she was scared she wasn’t going to be good at t-ball and I gently explained to her that it wasn’t about being good. It was about learning something new. 

IMG 5784

I know that part of parenting is knowing when to push your child to do something she doesn’t want to do and knowing when to let her not start or quit and obviously we are just in the beginging stages of all of that. I have memories of conversations with my own parents about knowing when to quit, and it is an important lesson to learn.

IMG 5783

I am happy we kept with this one, because Ina had an absolute blast last night. She was in the best mood at the dinner table, talking about batting and throwing and running and talking to her friends. 

IMG 5786

I am chalking this one up as a parenting win.

IMG 5778

Have a good day! <3

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