Thursday, May 26, 2016


Hey there! This week I am thankful for:

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Day 1

  • Having so many things to be thankful for. 
  • A (seemingly never ending) project at work is over!
  • This song. I don’t really listen to secular music, but after enough bloggers linked to it I had to check it out and I am now hooked. We have daily dance parties at our house. 

Day 2

  • Always having someone to watch the girls. Today Dan’s grandma and cousin watched them and they came home happy and played out.
  • Ina was able to simmer a toy meltdown, well, down. We went to Aldi after she hadn’t had a nap and for the first time was very upset when we walked by the toys and I told her those were for birthdays. She started crying, but after me telling her we were going to leave and go to the car if she didn’t stop, she eventually did. Whew, I really didn’t want to follow through on that one because I was hungry and we needed groceries. 
  • Early bedtimes.

Day 3

  • Summer food. 
  • Taking my cardio video outside while the rest of the house is still sleeping.
  • Seeing Ina actually play with other kids her age. She typically is a loner or plays with older kids, but this is improving. 

Day 4

  • The other parents at park birthday parties. It is almost like we play zone defense. 
  • Homemade ice cream.
  • Morning walks.

Day 5

  • Starting Phase 2 of JM Body Revolution. Omph. Even washing my hair hurt. 
  • How much easier it is to get dressed with a capsule. I have had a few hiccups and made a few returns, but overall I am liking it.
  • Temporary marker dinosaur tattoos. 

Day 6

  • Ina tried salmon and liked it! We are working on making her less picky and when I told her we were having salmon she asked if it was “salmon toast crunch.” Hmmmm….
  • Quick meals that allow me time to play with the girls outside. I spend quite a bit of time with them, but we don’t “play” as much as I would like. 
  • I had an opportunity to actually meet a client face to face at work, which is the first time in almost 6 years. 

Day 7

  • Ina graduated swim lessons! She is now in advanced aqua tots. 
  • I survived my first podcast. I was interviewed by His and Her Money about becoming debt free, and although I had some blubbering moments and sweat like I just finished running 3 miles, I think it went well. 
  • Our boat started! And then it didn’t. BUT, Dan thinks he knows what is wrong and is confident we will be on the lake sometime this summer.

What are you thankful for? 

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