Thursday, May 19, 2016


This week I was thankful for: 

Day 1

  • Baby ponytails 
  • Ten minute park dates. The perfect amount of time, really.
  • My grandma had a successful knee replacement surgery!

Day 2

  • Our lawn mower being fixed. Again. With a lawn mower that is older than I am, this point is on repeat.
  • Dinner with friends that include grilled steaks and ice cream. Always a win.
  • Family who love you enough to have the hard conversations. And even after the hard conversations, still love you.

Day 3

  • Catching up with old friends without kids. 
  • At home date night. 
  • Starting and finishing a movie in one sitting, 

Day 4

  • A new dishwasher that is installed and working like a gem.
  • Some free time to food prep and make some more kombucha. I tried a new flavor - cranberry jalapeƱo. Super delicious. 
  • My grandparents are in the same room in the rehab center! They have been apart for a long time, so I am happy about them being reunited. 

Day 5

  • Vacation planning. It is so fun to have something like that to look forward to.
  • How Dan remains calm when I freak out over things, like the possibility of Ina going blind when in reality she just had a bug bite. If it was up to me we would have headed straight to the ER, but he decided that going out to eat with friends for dinner was the better option. 
  • A full night’s sleep. Waking up to the birds chirping.

Day 6

  • Benadryl. Amoxicillin. Claritin. Albuterol. Ibuprofen. Having both kids sick feels like I run a pharmacy. I am glad my education can be used for something.
  • Watching the girls play with toys together. Cora is mostly fine with Ina taking what she is playing with as long as it is replaced with something else, so I am going to enjoy this peace as long as it lasts. 
  • Sunshine after the rain.  

Day 7

  • Excel spreadsheets and how they are so smart and organized and put my life in order.
  • Fresh herbs. In my garden. In my water. In my food. In my soap. 
  • Ina holding her head under water for 8 seconds at swim lessons!!! (Although I should add that this convinced Dan and I to fork over the money for summer lessons so that she keeps up with this progress. Perfect timing.)

What are you thankful for? 

Have a great day!


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