Friday, May 27, 2016

Fervent Friday: Purity

Well this is awkward. 

But we are going to push through.

Thankfully, purity isn’t a huge problem for me, but I would being lying if said it wasn’t a problem at all. Of course I am human and there are some things that are tempting. Some things or actions or thoughts that are just so pretty or shiny or comfortable. Wouldn’t giving into them making me feel pretty or shiny or comfortable?  Wouldn’t it feel good?

Actually, just the opposite. Giving in to temptations always leaves me feeling not good. Icky. And even worse, it weakens my relationship with God, because more than likely I was doing something He didn’t want me to do. He knew it. I knew it. He knew that I knew it and that leaves things, well, awkward. 

There was a time in my life when I felt like I was being tempted a lot. And giving in a lot. So, I decided to go through a temptation type detox where I cut myself off from many sources of temptation. I completely stopped watching movies, TV shows,  listening to secular music, or even reading certain books. I cannot tell you how much that helped me. I stopped hearing and seeing and reading our culture’s definition of love and life and slowly understood God's. Not only did I lose that “icky” feeling, I also found a new self worth. 

Here is an example of a prayer I wrote on purity:


(P): God, thank you so much for loving me just the way I am. Thank you for making me, well, me.

(R): Forgive me for not staying completely pure, for letting Satan take up residence in parts of my life and separating me from you. 

(A): God, please show me these areas. I know some of them aren’t so obvious. Help me to walk in the spirt and not the flesh. Keep me pure so I can be closer to you.

(Y): My faith and heart may fail, but God you are the strength of my heart, my portion forever.*


*Paraphrase of Psalms 73:26


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Fervent Friday Intro

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Hey there! This week I am thankful for:

IMG 5655

Day 1

  • Having so many things to be thankful for. 
  • A (seemingly never ending) project at work is over!
  • This song. I don’t really listen to secular music, but after enough bloggers linked to it I had to check it out and I am now hooked. We have daily dance parties at our house. 

Day 2

  • Always having someone to watch the girls. Today Dan’s grandma and cousin watched them and they came home happy and played out.
  • Ina was able to simmer a toy meltdown, well, down. We went to Aldi after she hadn’t had a nap and for the first time was very upset when we walked by the toys and I told her those were for birthdays. She started crying, but after me telling her we were going to leave and go to the car if she didn’t stop, she eventually did. Whew, I really didn’t want to follow through on that one because I was hungry and we needed groceries. 
  • Early bedtimes.

Day 3

  • Summer food. 
  • Taking my cardio video outside while the rest of the house is still sleeping.
  • Seeing Ina actually play with other kids her age. She typically is a loner or plays with older kids, but this is improving. 

Day 4

  • The other parents at park birthday parties. It is almost like we play zone defense. 
  • Homemade ice cream.
  • Morning walks.

Day 5

  • Starting Phase 2 of JM Body Revolution. Omph. Even washing my hair hurt. 
  • How much easier it is to get dressed with a capsule. I have had a few hiccups and made a few returns, but overall I am liking it.
  • Temporary marker dinosaur tattoos. 

Day 6

  • Ina tried salmon and liked it! We are working on making her less picky and when I told her we were having salmon she asked if it was “salmon toast crunch.” Hmmmm….
  • Quick meals that allow me time to play with the girls outside. I spend quite a bit of time with them, but we don’t “play” as much as I would like. 
  • I had an opportunity to actually meet a client face to face at work, which is the first time in almost 6 years. 

Day 7

  • Ina graduated swim lessons! She is now in advanced aqua tots. 
  • I survived my first podcast. I was interviewed by His and Her Money about becoming debt free, and although I had some blubbering moments and sweat like I just finished running 3 miles, I think it went well. 
  • Our boat started! And then it didn’t. BUT, Dan thinks he knows what is wrong and is confident we will be on the lake sometime this summer.

What are you thankful for? 

Monday, May 23, 2016

My Food and Fitness Plan (5/24)


IMG 5640

Whew, what a weekend! Friday was actually pretty chill - grocery shopping and pizza for dinner. However, on Saturday the ball started rolling and it just didn’t stop. 

I worked while Dan and the girls ran some errands, then we went to our first (of three) birthday parties. Miss Paisley turned one!

IMG 5622

After being home long enough for both girls to refuse a nap, we packed back up and went to eat dinner with our friends The Nybergs. 

IMG 5632

Silo and Ina are 8 months apart,

IMG 5624

and Edie and Cora are 2 weeks apart. Oh the trouble those two are going to get into!

After a delicious dinner (I feel like there is something remarkable about my first ear of corn of the summer), Cora and I went home to crash while Ina and Dan went on a movie date.

Sunday was breakfast, church, and then our friend Avery’s birthday party at the park, and then Dan’s step-brother’s birthday party. 

IMG 2962

I crawled into bed and crashed as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Here is my plan for the week:


Fitness: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Phase 2 Week 1. Excited to start a new phase but also so nervous for sore(er) muscles

Thursday, May 19, 2016


This week I was thankful for: 

Day 1

  • Baby ponytails 
  • Ten minute park dates. The perfect amount of time, really.
  • My grandma had a successful knee replacement surgery!

Day 2

  • Our lawn mower being fixed. Again. With a lawn mower that is older than I am, this point is on repeat.
  • Dinner with friends that include grilled steaks and ice cream. Always a win.
  • Family who love you enough to have the hard conversations. And even after the hard conversations, still love you.

Day 3

  • Catching up with old friends without kids. 
  • At home date night. 
  • Starting and finishing a movie in one sitting, 

Day 4

  • A new dishwasher that is installed and working like a gem.
  • Some free time to food prep and make some more kombucha. I tried a new flavor - cranberry jalapeño. Super delicious. 
  • My grandparents are in the same room in the rehab center! They have been apart for a long time, so I am happy about them being reunited. 

Day 5

  • Vacation planning. It is so fun to have something like that to look forward to.
  • How Dan remains calm when I freak out over things, like the possibility of Ina going blind when in reality she just had a bug bite. If it was up to me we would have headed straight to the ER, but he decided that going out to eat with friends for dinner was the better option. 
  • A full night’s sleep. Waking up to the birds chirping.

Day 6

  • Benadryl. Amoxicillin. Claritin. Albuterol. Ibuprofen. Having both kids sick feels like I run a pharmacy. I am glad my education can be used for something.
  • Watching the girls play with toys together. Cora is mostly fine with Ina taking what she is playing with as long as it is replaced with something else, so I am going to enjoy this peace as long as it lasts. 
  • Sunshine after the rain.  

Day 7

  • Excel spreadsheets and how they are so smart and organized and put my life in order.
  • Fresh herbs. In my garden. In my water. In my food. In my soap. 
  • Ina holding her head under water for 8 seconds at swim lessons!!! (Although I should add that this convinced Dan and I to fork over the money for summer lessons so that she keeps up with this progress. Perfect timing.)

What are you thankful for? 

Have a great day!


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Since I Talked to You Last...

Hey there!

Since I talked to you last:

IMG 5597

- Ina went to the lake with some of her aunts and cousins

She played her heart out for 24 hours. While she was gone we missed her terribly but I checked so many things off my to-do list. Also, Dan and I watched TWO movies with real live people in them- Mad Max Fury Road (so, so, so creepy) and The Martian (so, so, so good). 

- We went out to eat with some friends on Monday night for $5 burgers and great company.

13221003 1794732254094155 9039680298241400237 n

- Ina’s eyelid swelled up over her eye and I was convinced she was going blind and almost took her to the ER. Good thing I didn’t, because it ended up being a bug bite and after a few doses of Benadryl it is almost back to normal.

-Cora has an (another!) ear infection. 

IMG 5603

(Do you have SnapChat yet? Username: rachealkendrick)

Yesterday was a weird combo of work, doctor’s appointments, extra coffee, The Disney Channel, and drugging my children.

-I made this soup with turkey sausage. Incredibly fresh and delicious. I would have never guessed that arugula tastes good in soup.

- In a matter of 24 hours Cora has gone from sort of crawling but staying in one general area to full out crawling and going to every room in the house. The only way we knew where she was last night was from her grunting as she explored her territory. She also pulls herself up on everything which has led to a few unfortunate spills. She still isn’t putting anything in her mouth which is unfortunate for her eating skills, but good for safety. 

- Dan and I’s new life goal is to become friends with Chip and JoAnna Gaines. 

I hope you have a good Wednesday! 


Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Food and Fitness Plan (5/15)

Good Sunday Morning to you.

I just typed that date and cannot believe we are already half way through May. Wasn’t it just May 1st? Where have the last two weeks gone? 

This weekend has been great so far. Friday night we had friends over for dinner. I worked Saturday morning and then met my pharmacy school friends for happy hour. I was home just in time to put Cora to bed and watch a movie with Dan. 

But the most exciting part of all is that Dan and Ina went to the scratch and dent place and brought home a brand new (albeit dented) dishwasher. This was long overdue, as our old dishwasher leaked water, made loud noises, and didn’t really wash dishes. Hopefully we will finish installing it today and I can reclaim my kitchen.

Here is my plan for the week:


Also doing a little bit of lunch prepping and making these

Fitness: JM’s Body Revolution Phase 1 Week 4. This is my last week of Phase 1 and I am equally sad and excited about it. Sad that the “easy” part is over and excited for a little bit of a challenge. 

I hope you have a lovely Sunday and a blessed week ahead! 


Friday, May 13, 2016

Fervent Friday: Fear

This book. You guys, you really need to read it. Life changing, I’m telling you. I could write a summary of the chapter on fear, but really you need to read it for yourself. 

The big picture is that the feeling of fear is not from God. There are 300 times in scripture where God tells us not to fear. If fear isn’t from God, it must be from Satan. So, when we feel fearful about something, and of course we will, it must be satan working to steer us on a different path.


After discussing the chapter on fear with our small group, one of my friends asked us, “What’s your biggest fear?"

I immediately answered, “something bad happening to Ina or Cora.” But then I felt I needed to give more details. Since Ina was born, I have been having these flashes or thoughts of bad things happening to her. She would be sitting in her chair and I would “see” her fall out and hit her head. She would be sleeping in her crib and all of a sudden I would “see” her blanket over her mouth, blocking her airway.

Now with a baby and a toddler it is crazy worse. We’re going to the lake? A boating injury pops in my head. Dan’s mowing the yard? I see that accident play out every time. And if one more of my friends posts an article about a parent accidentally leaving their kid in a hot car on Facebook I just might have a panic attack. 

Sometimes I can dismiss the thought, but other times it haunts me for weeks. It paralyzes me and plays over and over again in my head. I mostly chalked these feelings up to postpartum/nursing hormones. Never once did I think about them being fearful feelings created by the enemy. Once I started thinking about it, I realized that some decisions I made about parenting my girls were fear based. Not all, but more than I would like to admit. In fact, I was just telling my sister last night that I was going to put Ina and Cora in a bubble until they are 18 after hearing a horrible story about a senior trip accident. 

Obviously a bubble isn’t the answer. I don’t want fear to force me to stop them from living their lives. To stop them from shining their lights. 

So, I will pray. Here is an example of a prayer on fear: 


(P): God, thank you for this amazing life you have blessed me with. Help me use these blessing to glorify you.

(R): Forgive me for giving into fear. I know you did not create me to let fear rule my life. 

(A): Show me where fear is limiting me and what I can do to push it out of my way. Stop me from making fear based decisions. Help me to block Satan’s voice scaring me away from something and instead let me hear your still small voice. Make me listen.

(Y): I know you have plans for me. Plans for welfare and not for calamity to give me a future and a hope.*

Thank you for the example I have for this in Jesus.


*Paraphrase Jer 29:11


Week 5: Past

Week 4: Family

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Week 1: Passion

Fervent Friday Intro

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Good morning! This week I am thankful for: 

IMG 5562

Day 1

  • Having friends over for dinner. On a weeknight. We are back in the game!
  • Costco sized boxes of diapers and wipes
  • The fact that you are still reading this blog even though I only write 2 to 3 times a week. Wait, you are still reading, right? 

Day 2

  • Planting our garden with Ina and Cora “helping."
  • The anticipation of my capsule wardrobe. If this works out, I will tell you more about it. Also, if this doesn’t work out, I will tell you more about it.
  • Cool down time. 

Day 3

  • Shrimp boil food. Yum!
  • Little kid birthday parties. I just love them.
  • Nail polish remover.

IMG 5546

Day 4

  • My grandma spent the night! Ina just loved having a sleepover.
  • Mothers - so many influences in my life.
  • Having everyone over to celebrate Mother’s Day. Who cares if it rained? We had ice cream.

IMG 5568

Day 5

  • Starting a new workout in JM’s body revolution. Slightly more challenging and I was starting to get bored.
  • EBay and the amount of money that people will pay for used clothes. 
  • Sleep. Seriously this doesn’t get old. The girls are both continuing to through the night in their own rooms and it is amazing.

IMG 5579

Day 6

  • Flowers carefully selected by small hands.
  • Grass seed.
  • Baby booties.

IMG 5566

Day 7

  • A morning walk/run with the girls in the rain. My favorite part was when Ina saw we were going up a hill and threw her hands up in the air like she was on a roller coaster and shouted, “Mom, there’s a heeell! Go faster!"
  • Synchronized nap times. Glorious.
  • Danielle. She has been sick the past two days and the girls have been home with me and as much as I enjoy the extra time with them, working and caring for them has been exhausting and reminds me how thankful I am to have Danielle to help most of the time. 

What are you thankful for? 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

My Food and Fitness Plan (5/8)

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you lovely women out there!

IMG 5536

I was just thinking how I have been blessed to have so many women in my life and all of them should be celebrated today. Cheers to you! <3

IMG 5535

This has been an eventful weekend. Friday Ina and I ran to the nursery to buy some plants for the garden. We kept it pretty simple this year: kale, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, jalapeño peppers, and herbs (cilantro, sage, basil, thyme, mint, and oregano). 

IMG 5549

We planted half of it on Friday night and the other half Saturday morning. We are trying the cardboard/mulch method this year in an effort to have less weeds. It took a little more prep work, but I am hoping that work pays off in the long run. I will report back.

IMG 5541

Yesterday afternoon we celebrated my niece Hallaway’s FOURTH birthday. I remember when she was born like it was yesterday. My sister and brother-in-law just moved into a beautiful house, so it was great to finally see it and everyone else in the family. Ina has been talking about going to the party for weeks now and she throughly enjoyed herself, nail polish and all.  

IMG 5547

After the birthday party we drove straight to Dan’s dad’s house for a shrimp boil.

IMG 5552

This meal was next level delicious. Dan’s dad and step mom sure do know how to put out a great spread. Unpictured - homemade rolls with honey butter. After we ate all the shrimp we could handle and Ina ate 4 ears of corn we sat by the fire. It was just great. 

IMG 5550

Today we are going to church, to lunch somewhere, and then having a Mother’s Day ice cream party at our house. 

I hope you have a blessed Sunday!

Here is my plan for the week:


Fitness: Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution Week 3 with a rest day on Sunday

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Good morning. I am making an effort to be thankful daily and write down 3 things. Here is this week’s list:

Day 1:

  • My office has unlimited coffee, tea, and ice water. I fully take advantage of this perk.
  • No more pumping at work! This really opens up a lot of time for me. 
  • A family effort at getting the house ready for a potential buyer to look at. Our house isn’t listed or anything, but we are thinking about it. No, wait, we aren’t. Well maybe we are. We can’t decide. 

IMG 5448

Day 2:

  • Iced coffee made with coconut water
  • Ina is sleeping in her own room! Cora is sleeping in her own room! I am actually sleeping. Now if I could them to sleep past 6 am...
  • Ordering new (fun!) glasses. Pictures to come.

IMG 5413

Day 3:

  • Eating breakfast at the table as a family. This is a huge rarity at our house due to our schedules, but it is so nice when it happens.
  • Our new baby swing for the swing set. Entertaining Ina and Cora at the same time can be tricky, but swinging is always a trump card.
  • Balloons. From The Dollar Store = no electronic entertainment all day long.

IMG 5433

Day 4:

  • My grandpa and grandma are doing great. Grandma is home and grandpa is walking around!
  • Ginger kombucha. So good. Details coming soon.
  • Meals half cooked by my boyfriend Joe.

IMG 5405

Day 5:

  • We found the lost library books and I no longer have to pay $54. Whew.
  • Getting my teeth cleaned! Feels so fresh
  • My dermatology re-check was clear! A few months ago I visited my dermatologist for my yearly skin check and he called a few days later to say there were a few moles he was worried about and to come back in a few months. 

Day 6:

  • My small group girls. Always.
  • Dan trimmed all the bushes out front! You can now walk down our sidewalk without fear of your leg being scratched. Ha!
  • Our neighborhood effort to get our dog back to us. When I was at small group one neighbor called to tell us they saw Aumlette out. Dan’s  phone was off, so I came home and looked for him, but couldn’t find him. While we were eating dinner, another neighbor (my friend Kim) knocked on our door to tell us that another neighbor was walking down the street with Aumlettte on a leash looking for his house. It was a team effort, but Aumlette came back home safely. 

IMG 0004

Day 7:

  • I had the opportunity to go to the Girls on the Run Luncheon, as my employer sponsored it, and had the privilege of hearing Kathrine Switzer (the first woman to enter and run the Boston Marathon) speak. It was empowering and inspiring and I had to hold myself to my chair so I didn’t get up and immediately go for a run outside. 
  • The girls went to the zoo with Danielle and had a blast. 
  • I can take morning calls at home on mute with The Disney Channel blaring in the background. I don’t know how moms consistently get out of the house before 8 am with kiddos, but I salute them.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Nine Things About Nine Months

Cora turned 9 months old last week!

IMG 5372


1. Crawling. Cora is officially on the move. She isn’t very coordinated about it and isn’t very fast. She sometimes uses her knees and sometimes crawls while on her feet gorilla-style, but she can get where she wants to if she wants to bad enough. Time to re-install the baby gate. 

2. Teeth. She has four - two on the bottom and two on top and she knows how to use them. I almost thought I was going to ween her, but then she came to her senses and stopped biting anything that passed her lips. 

3. Sleeping through the night. A few weeks ago at a doctor’s appointment for Ina I mentioned how Cora was not sleeping and still getting up to nurse at least 2, but usually 3 to 4, times per night. Also, once she was finished eating, she couldn’t be put back to sleep unless I laid down with her in our guest bed. Her doctor immediately told me that this craziness had to stop and I agreed. We set up a “boot-camp” type plan that involves crying it out. Although it was super tough, after just 3 nights she is now sleeping through the night. She still has to cry to initially fall asleep, but once she is asleep, she stays that way for a good 10 hours. Watch out world, I am rested.

IMG 5442

4. Her tongue: sticking it out, all the time, particularly when she is trying hard to do something, just like her big sister did at this age

5. Eating. Everything. Seriously, this child is the first one to start eating dinner (Cheerios while we set the table) and is still opening her mouth as wide as can be just in case a spoon should happen to enter when everyone else is done. She will eat anything we give her and I really can’t tell if she likes one thing over another. We give her oatmeal/applesauce and some other type of veggies for two meals out of the day, along with anything any of us I happen to be eating while she is around. 

Weirdly, although she eats a ton of food and still nurses 4(ish) times a day, she didn’t gain any weight from 6 to 9 months. Her doctor wasn’t too concerned about this though. 

6. Hugging. When I pick Cora up, she hugs me. It is the cutest thing. She wraps her right arm all the way around my neck and pulls me in. Then, after a few seconds, she releases that and takes her left hand and pinches the “extra skin” under my right arm to hold on. 

7. Sounds. At 9 months she is already a little chatter box and says, “Ma-ma, Da-Da, Bub-Bub, and lots of clicking noises.” 

8. Her red hair. Before Cora was born, Dan really wanted to name her Ginger. I agree it is a pretty name, but I am thankful we didn’t, as it seems her red hair is here to stay. Or at least I hope it is! It is a beautiful, deep, shiny red and everyone comments on it. I can almost pull the front into a teeny tiny ponytail.

IMG 5401

9. Sisterly love. This girl LOVES her big sister. I often see her just staring lovingly at Ina while Ina is playing or talking. The best is when Ina “plays” with Cora and the giggles these two girls make together are music to my ears. Dan and I sometimes just sit and watch them play. They typically get along pretty well, until Ina squeezes Cora too hard or knocks her over or hits her with a toy. I have a feeling that paybacks are coming pretty soon and the other day I couldn’t stop laughing when Ina was attempting to put a puzzle together on the floor and Cora kept on crawling over and grabbing a piece, only to have Ina take it away from her immediately. Cora didn’t seem phased and continued to grab another piece, then Ina would take it away. This cycle went on for about 10 minutes. It was like I was looking into my future for the next 16 years. 


Cora’s Six Month Update

Ina’s Nine Month Update 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

My Food and Fitness Plan (5/1)

Good morning and Happy Sunday!

IMG 5431

This weekend has been incredibly chill. We went into it having almost no plans and kept it that way. We mostly played and helped Dan work on the boat. It still doesn’t run, but is doing a great job looking classy in our driveway. ;) 

IMG 5432

Here is my plan for the week:


Fitness: I am on my second week of Jillian Michaels Body Revolution. So far so good, but she keeps on saying that these are the easy workouts, so I am nervous about next week. 

  • Sunday: rest
  • Monday: Phase 1 Workout 1
  • Tuesday: Phase 1 Workout 2
  • Wednesday: Phase 1 Cardio
  • Thursday: Phase 1 Workout 1
  • Friday: Phase 1 Workout 2
  • Saturday: Phase 1 Cardio

Have a great week! 

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