Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thankful Thursday

This week I was thankful for: 

IMG 5355

Day 1

  • My grandma Beverly’s laugh when Ina showed her the dog face filter on SnapChat. Everyone needs a laugh like that.
  • My in-laws not only watched the girls, but also brought us dinner
  • Some of the Royals games start at 6:15 - I can actually stay awake past the 4th inning!

IMG 5357

Day 2

  • Both girls sleeping on a 2 hour road trip. 
  • The means to have my house cleaned by someone else. Since Dan and I started budgeting and looking for easy ways to cut costs, this has come up on the chopping block a few times and I am so thankful we didn’t stop. Coming home from work to a clean house is amazing.
  • The woman who cleans my house for not quitting after she left a piece of cake in my fridge I assumed she wouldn’t come back to get it so I ate it after I got home from my run. Imagine the awkwardness when she did come back...

IMG 5377

Day 3

  • Family to play with and help take care of my girls
  • Smoked turkey (mmmmmm)
  • Hard conversations in the car have to be resolved because you have nowhere to go.

IMG 5397

Day 4

  • Dan fixed our lawn mower! AND Dan mowed our yard! HUGE deal.
  • My daughters are throughly entertained by feeding fish. 
  • Aldi pizza

IMG 5404

Day 5

  • Cora slept through the night, or at least she didn’t wake me up. ;)
  • My 5 pound weights that were gifted to me by my cousin, but I think I might need to buy heavier ones(!!!)
  • This salad - so delicious!

IMG 5393

Day 6

  • The lilac bush that is blooming directly outside my kitchen/dining room window. Is there a better smell?
  • Honesty with friends
  • Staying safe during stormy nights

IMG 5409

Day 7

  • Cora’s 9 month checkup went well and she only had to get ONE shot. 
  • Meeting baby Isaiah James!
  • Ina has a new teacher at swim school. I know this is horrible, but she just didn’t click with the previous one, and I was kind of excited when they sent the email saying there would be a change. 

What are you thankful for?

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