Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Texas Day 2016

Hey there, remember me? I haven’t been blogging because I am been, well, vacationing. 

IMG 5205

For the weeks leading up to our trip to Houston, Ina woke up every morning asking if it was “Texas Day” yet. We would go through everything that had to happen before Texas Day - St. Patrick’s Day. Easter. Daddy’s birthday. Then, finally, it was time.

IMG 5157

The flights were much easier this time around - we are all seasoned travelers now. (Side note: Ina was just about as cute as she could be dragging her new suitcase through the airport. I was so tickled with her I could barely believe that strangers could walk by without noticing her. Ha!)

IMG 5172

Ina loves loves loves our cousins and aunt and uncle in Texas and she was absolutely spoiled the entire trip. 

IMG 5193

We swam, 

IMG 5194

went to the zoo 

IMG 5175

where we fed the giraffes. Someone was a little scared. 

IMG 5181

We went to an aquarium type restaurant that had rides,

IMG 5226

beautiful sea life,

IMG 5230

and a white tiger that was “playing with Ina.” She was scared of feeding a giraffe, but a white tiger was literally pacing back in forth inches from her, eyeing her the entire time, and she just said, “That tiger likes me. It gives me the laughs."

IMG 5260

The highlight of the trip was going to a county fair where Ina did just about whatever she wanted for a few hours. She rode every ride in sight. 

IMG 5252

Cora and I were also spoiled. We played cards, ate like kings, and was rocked to sleep (Cora, not me). Even though we only see this family a few weeks out of the year, being around them brings me so much joy and even though we were in Texas, it still felt like home. 

IMG 5259

We were sad to leave, but it feels good to get back in a somewhat normal routine again. The days after vacation are not always the best, but we are transitioning OK and I even threw a few things in the oven for dinner last night before small group. Win!

Have a great week! Hopefully Miss Cora Lee will give me some sleep soon so I can get back to a more regular blogging routine. Hopefully. I miss you guys!


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