Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Food and Fitness Plan (4/17)

Good morning!

IMG 5277

I hope you have had a fantastic weekend. Our has been mostly relaxed (restaurant dinners and Star Wars) with a little bit of adventure thrown in.

IMG 5324

More on that later. 

My #1 goal today is to fill my refrigerator with fresh produce. I haven’t been grocery shopping since before vacation and right now the only produce my crisper drawer contains is half of an onion that cannot be described as “fresh.” I get a weird anxiety when I don’t have plenty of healthy food options and Ina is sick of her only breakfast choices being a bar or a cheese stick. To Aldi we will go.

Here is my plan for the week - 


Fitness: I am really sore from yesterday’s adventure and I pulled something in my neck (entirely my fault). I am hoping that I will be back in the exercise saddle after resting today.

  • Sunday: rest
  • Monday: 3 mile walk/run
  • Tuesday: Ripped in 30 Week 2
  • Wednesday: rest
  • Thursday: Ripped in 30 Week 2
  • Friday: Ripped in 30 Week 2
  • Saturday: Rest

I hope you have a fantastic Sunday! <3

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