Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Good morning! 

IMG 5345

Dan is so good at finding four leafed clovers.

Yesterday we went on a family walk and ventured out to a new-to-us trail(ish) that is within a mile of our house. It was fun to walk Ina through the woods and talk about trees, wild flowers, birds, bunnies, and old soda cans... 

While we were gone, dinner (sheet pan chicken tikka) was baking in the oven and although it was edible, I probably wouldn’t make it again. I will continue the search of the perfect “bakes in the oven while we are away” meal. 

Other things:

-Cora hasn’t learned to pose for a picture yet. Unlike Ina, who freezes and flashes a smile anytime she spots someone aiming a phone at her. 

IMG 5334

-We went to a local donut shop before church on Sunday because Ina has a new obsession with sprinkled donuts.

IMG 5339

We sat Cora on the table that I assumed was against the wall, but soon found out it wasn’t when she knocked the pot full of 200 decorative rocks on the floor. Next time I will make sure to add time for disaster clean-up to our schedule.

-There is still something up with my neck and I feel like Frankenstein when I turn to look at something, so I am going to take it easy and walk/jog only for the next few days. BUT, I am excited because I just ordered JM’s Body Revolution and I can’t wait to start it. I love her workouts because they are short and effective and I can honestly feel and see myself getting stronger. 

Have a great day! <3

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  1. i had my eye on that sheet pan dinner, too. Anything you'd do different?


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