Monday, April 18, 2016

8 Reasons to Try Go Ape Treetop Adventure

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I have got something extra fun to talk about today. Go Ape, a company with sites all over the country, recently built a Tree Top Adventure course in Kansas City at Swope Park and invited Dan and I out to try the course. When I received the email, I just read “zip line” and pictured myself leisurely scaling through the trees and immediately accepted the invitation. Boy was I in for a surprise. 

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Here are 8 reasons why you need to try this out. This weekend. 

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1. The staff are over the top friendly. Seriously, I don’t know if I have seen bigger, kinder, smiles in my life when we checked-in. They were beyond patient in teaching me at least 20 times the order in which I connected and disconnected everything. They were scattered throughout the course, always available for questions. When we finished they literally cheered for us. I wanted to be friends with all of them.

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2. The course is absolutely beautiful. I am sad to say that as a KC resident, I have never been to Swope Park other than driving through it to get to Starlight or the zoo. What a treasure this location is! There is just something about being high up in a tree in a forrest that is so pretty. Dan and I kept on talking about how this would have been a dream come true when we were kids. 

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3. Safety is a huge priority. Of course, zip lining and being 40 feet in the air comes with risks. However, I felt very safe the entire time. We went through an extensive training session before we started the course. There are safety checks and signs everywhere. Dan and I counted our connections out loud to each other before going down a line. 

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4, The course is physically challenging, which I was not expecting at all. You guys, this was some tough stuff, but in the best possible way. I wore my Fitbit and my heart rate was elevated by 40 bpm for almost 2 hours! I had to use strength and balance to get across many of the obstacles. There was one point where my arms were cashed and I basically had to fling myself up to the next stand. Dan got it all on video. Of course.

IMG 5285

5. The course is also mentally challenging and really forces you to think and strategize your next move. There were also a few times where we had the choice of which obstacles to go through. 

IMG 5314

6. This is a different experience that really pushes you outside of your comfort zone. The couple in front of us were on a very early date in their relationship, which I thought was a fantastic idea. Why go to dinner and a movie when you can zip through the trees? It would also show you very quickly how the person you are interested in deals with challenges and adversity. 

7. Relatively affordable, at $58 per person, it beats a nice dinner. Although, just to note, you will be hungry afterwards. 

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8. It was super fun - the best reason of all. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed. It was great. 


Seriously-so fun! #bloggersgoape #goapeusa

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Dan and I plan to go back again soon and bring some friends!

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