Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Things Ina Says: 3.33 Years

IMG 4975

Watching Little Einsteins - Mom, don’t the these kids have parents?


IMG 4954

Singing Let it Go, particularly the part the says, “Let the storm rage on…"

Ina: Mom, who is Ray John?

Me: What?

Ina: Ray John? Let the storm Ray John.

Me: No, Ina she says, “rage on"

Ina: I know, so who is Ray John?

Me: I don’t know him


IMG 4795

Ina: (frowning) My face always looks mad 

Me: Why?

Ina: I guess that is just the way that God made me


Ina: Mommy, you are beautiful!

Me: Oh, Ina, that is so sweet. You are beautiful both inside and out!

Ina: But my bones aren’t beautiful! They are just plain white!


Waking up in the morning, yelling from her room, “Mooommmm! The birds are singing me a song!"



  • Instead of saying “yesterday" she says, “Last-er-day” which kind of makes sense.
  • She calls a pool a “cool” even though she knows it is a pool
  • Anytime she has my phone she asks Siri when the Royals are playing next
  • When we meet a stranger, even just walk by someone at the grocery store and they acknowledge us in any way, she says, “My name’s Ina. This is Cora. If you say ah-choo you will make her laugh."
  • She can throw a tantrum with the best of them. My parenting tactics are a constant work in progress…IMG 4913

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  1. Ray John?! HILARIOUS!

    And I love the fact that she asks when the Royals are playing. Too cute!


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