Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Good morning!

So much to be thankful for today! 

I am thankful for longer days and the bright sun. Man, it feels good on my face. I am thankful for the blooming flowers and all the colors and spring. 

I am thankful for rhinestone stickers and the hours of entertainment they bring.

IMG 5106

I am thankful for healing. There is a lot of that going on around here.

I am thankful for a weekend ahead with NO plans. Oh wait, I just thought of a few things. I am thankful for a weekend ahead with very little plans. 

I am thankful for Danielle’s neighbor, who gave me lessons in making kombucha and kefir. I really want to write a whole post on this, but I will wait until I have tasted my kombucha and don’t die. 

I am thankful that I didn’t get kicked out of Ina’s swim school after what happened yesterday. I would like to forget it ever happened, but in the effort of self improvement and learning lessons, I will repeat it here. Once.

At the end of every lesson all the kids get to go down the slide. Every day Ina waits in line and then when it is her turn she stalls by telling the teacher who “catches the kids” that she doesn’t want to go under water. Then she wants me to hold her hand. Then she doesn’t want to go. But, wait, she does want to go. Yesterday was no different than the other days, except that when she asked me to hold her hand, I didn’t want the kids behind her to have to wait anymore, so I just pulled her down the slide.

Without making sure there was a teacher to catch her at the other end.

I saw her hand escape my fingers as she plunged into the water and I screamed so loud that every head in the place turned. THANKFULLY, she has been in swim lessons, so she knew how to push to the top and there was a teacher nearby enough that it was no big deal and Ina wasn’t even phased. She is used to having a mom who screams like a maniac over every little thing. 

I hope they let me in next week. 

I also hope you have a fantastic Thursday and remember all the things that you have to be thankful for! 

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