Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thankful Thursday


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Any big plans for St. Patrick’s Day? I am just hoping the one greenish (bluish) shirt that survived my closet purge is clean. 

Today I am thankful for longer days. The sun past 7 PM is totally worth getting up an hour earlier. 

I am thankful for morning runs. Man they feel good.

I am thankful for cancelled jury duty. Two things I didn’t know: 1). You can get jury duty “as many times as they need you” during the time period you are picked. 2). You can get out of jury duty by having a flight booked for the date you are assigned. 

I am thankful for my mom buying Ina googles for swim lessons yesterday. We had to miss two weeks in a row, which was unfortunate because she has somewhat reverted in conquering her fear of going under water. I am hoping that the double lessons this week and next help with beating that. 

I am thankful that the armpit portion of the year (January, February, and the beginning of March) is now over and we have so many things in spring and summer to look forward to: Easter! Dan’s Birthday! Opening Day! Vacation! (This is the list I review with Ina almost daily)

I am thankful for new beginnings. 

I hope you have a lovely St. Patrick’s Day! 

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