Sunday, March 13, 2016

Goodbye Detox + This Week's Plan

What. A. Week. Wait, I mean month.

Or maybe even year? Wait, what year is it?

Life has been crazy and let’s just say I was barely keeping it together when I found out my poor grandpa broke his hip on Monday. His health and my family’s emotions have been on a roller coaster of highs and lows since, but he is one tough dude and keeps trucking along. 

The last time I talked to him he kept on saying, “I thought when you broke your hip it was supposed to hurt.” 

Tough and funny, that one. 

So, even though I really, really want to sit down and write here every morning, the time just isn’t there. One day soon, my pretties. 

Some pictures from the week:

My little country singer

IMG 4845

Cora successfully stealing my breakfast

IMG 4852

Banana egg pancakes topped with strawberries and walnuts with a ginger-clementine-kale juice

IMG 4857

Convenient dinner from TJ’s: I threw the pre-shredded brussels in the oven to roast while I microwaved the chicken patties and beets. Everything was done within 10 minutes and was so tasty. 

IMG 4864

Ina all bounced out at the bounce house for our friend Hadley’s 3rd birthday party

IMG 4872

St. Patrick’s Day Parade fun.

IMG 4875

My little leprechaun

IMG 4885

Here is my plan for the week:

Food - I am officially finished with the detox, and celebrated at a get together accordingly

IMG 4895

Fitness: The transition from Week 2 to Week 3 is rough and my muscles are going to need a running break if I am going to do the Week 3 workout effectively. 

  • Sunday: Ripped in 30 Week 3
  • Monday: 3 mile run
  • Tuesday: rest
  • Wednesday: 3 mile run
  • Thursday: Ripped in 30 Week 3
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: Ripped in 30 Week 3

Have a lovely week!

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