Thursday, February 25, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Good morning. 

IMG 4722

Things are kind of rough over here, but in the middle of a storm we should still be thankful.


 So, with that, I am thankful for healthy kids. No fevers or fussiness within the past 24 hours. Woohoo!

I am thankful for workout videos. The problem with any other type of workout is that I can’t really do it first thing in the morning due to lack of equipment. So, I decided to start JM’s Ripped in 30. Week 1 Day 1 is already in the books.

IMG 4747

I am thankful for sleep training. Julie’s post motivated me to try to sleep train Cora. Last night was the first night and she slept from 8 PM to 5 AM! She woke up a handful of times and was fussy, but always soothed herself back to sleep within 5 minutes and never broke out in a full-on cry. I am hopeful that night 2 will go as well. Now if I could only sleep train Ina.

I am thankful for Jamberry nails. When spring seems so far away, I can just look at my hands and my mood is lifted.

IMG 4743

And those little chickies...

I am thankful for Cora’s patience with Ina.


Oh the joys of having an older sister...👭

A video posted by Racheal (@runningwithrach) onFeb 25, 2016 at 5:02am PST

Does the fact that I didn’t stop that make me a bad mom? Cora didn’t seem to mind and Ina is having issues going under water at swim school, so I thought we might as well start her early...

I am thankful for new mercies every morning. 

Have a lovely day. 

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