Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Hello there! 


I am thankful for the results of my health screening at work. All of my blood work was excellent, in fact my triglycerides were so low they were undetectable! The nurse collecting everything was impressed, so of course I took that opportunity to tell her about The Daniel Plan. The only thing that wasn’t at a “healthy” number was my weight, but it was close enough for me. 

Speaking of health results, my father-in-law had a wonderful cancer update - after his first few rounds of radiation and chemo the spots that were in his brain are now gone and the mass in his lung has significantly decreased!

I am thankful that restaurants like T.Loft exist, which make going out to eat while on a detox seem not-so-difficult.

IMG 4675

I am thankful for Dan’s new temporary work schedule. This is a repeat from last week, but I am still so happy to have Dan with us at the dinner table every night and at church on Sunday. 

IMG 4682

I am thankful for a forecast of beautiful weather for the next few days. I see a park date in our future.

I am thankful for these bible videos I just discovered through The Bible Project. Although I think it is important to read God’s word on my own, I also am such a visual person and these little videos are great.

I am thankful for grace, Jesus, and you.



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