Sunday, February 14, 2016

My Food and Fitness Plan [2/14]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

 [Throwback circa 2013. I need to update this one!]

Or as Ina says, “Valentime’s Day!” I told her that if we ask someone to by our valentine, that is like saying, “I love you.” So of course she walked around the house asking Dan, Cora, and me to be her valentine all day and kept on thinking of new people she wanted to ask. Then she finally said, “I want everyone who was at my birthday party to be my valentine."

She knows how to get things covered.

This weekend has been great so far. Dan pushed me out of the house for a super cold run on Friday after work 

IMG 4628

and then took Ina to the fish fry at the Catholic church down the street while Cora and I stayed home with our vegetables. (Last time I checked, fried fish wasn’t on the detox plan).

IMG 4633

Then Saturday I did this barre burner, worked for a bit, then Ina and I went on a grocery shopping/library date.

IMG 4639

We had a seriously good time and I need to remind myself to allow more one-on-one time with her. Because of the nursing situation, when Dan and I split parenting duties, I usually get Cora and he gets Ina. Now that Cora is eating big(ger) girl food, she doesn’t need me as often.

We ended the day with having some new friends over for fajitas, which was fantastic. 

Who says cold weekends have to be dull? 

Today we are going to church and thinking about going taking the girls to the aquarium to celebrate Vday with a family date. 

Here’s my plan for the week:


Fitness: Winter Shape-up Week 4 

 I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day spent with the ones you love. 

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