Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Good News/Bad News

Good morning!

IMG 4647

Good news: I am all rested up and it feels great! Bad news: the reason I am all rested is because Cora and I have been co-sleeping in the guest room so when she wakes up 5 times per night I don’t have to get up to soothe her. Yes, I know we are creating a super bad habit, but she still has a cough and randomly gets choked and I don’t feel comfortable with her being so far away. 

IMG 4625

And, I must admit that I have been sleeping great. So, let’s just be happy about that before the sleep training begins. 

More bad news: my (brand new) Keurig is broken. And I have “caught” Cora’s cough, even though I sound worse than I feel. And I have to fast until 10:00 this morning for my work health screening. 

Whew, now that we have all of those things out of the way...

We went on a family date for Valentine’s Day to Chuy’s on the plaza.

I loved it because it is easy to order detox friendly food (fajitas), Dan loved the spicy salsa, Ina loved the orange sherbet push-pop, and Cora loved that the waitress offered to bring a freshly made tortilla for her to take small bites of. 

IMG 4649

It was a win-win-win-win.

After lunch we walked around and spent the majority of our time in the toy store, where I successfully convinced Ina to pick out a “useful” toy. 

IMG 4657

Suitcase FTW.

Other good news: 

- I increased my weight in this workout yesterday

- Our Daniel Plan study group is going strong! (Something that really stuck out to me were questions to ask yourself/God when you fail at something. I hope to write an entire post on that.)

- These paleo salmon patties were delicious last night 

Have a lovely day!

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