Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cora Eats Sweet Potatoes

Yesterday, as I was talking to my sister on the phone and trying to feed Cora, who was doing more clamping down than eating (ouch, ouch, ouch), I asked Jessie if she thought five and a half months was too early to start food. 

She pretty much responded saying that I could do whatever I wanted. That and one more clamp from Cora was all I needed to peel, chop, and steam a sweet potato, and then puree it with some water.

Ina and I (im)patiently waited for Dan to get home from work so he didn’t miss any of the action. We told Ina she could be the one to give Cora her first bite of food, so Ina shoveled up a heaping spoonful and gingerly pushed it towards Cora’s mouth.

Cora is pretty used to her sister shoving things in her face, so she really didn’t react much at first and kept on looking at Dan like, What’s going on Dad? 

Then, the reality of the taste in her mouth hit her and, as Ina says in the video below, she went to town. She ate the entire bowl in less than 5 minutes and whined if I didn’t get to spoon to her mouth fast enough. 


A video posted by Racheal (@runningwithrach) onJan 12, 2016 at 3:55am PST

I have to say that Ina’s first reaction to food was a little funnier (she literally took the bowl out of my hands), but from her first experience it appears Cora will join the rest of her family in being a huge fan of food. 

Cheers to that and have a wonderful Tuesday! <3

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