Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another Daniel Plan Detox

Good morning!

IMG 4493

Kansas City has been hit with a heat wave and the girls and I have been taking advantage of it. We dusted off the BOBs and have gone on three walks/runs in the past three days. 

IMG 4487

Man, it feels so good to get outside again and move around. I think everyone else agrees, because the sidewalks have been very crowded and last night the park was busier than I have ever seen, even on a nice summer day. Ina made an addition to her “best friend list” and I talked to someone over the age of 3, so it was an all around win. 

Tomorrow I am starting another round of The Daniel Plan Detox, (basically eat real food, lots of vegs, no sugar, gluten, dairy, bad fats, or alcohol) so planning my meals, grocery list, and snacks took a little extra effort. But first, pizza.

IMG 4497

Here is my plan for the week:


Today’s prep: make energy bites, shred brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes for breakfasts, make hummus, and hard boil eggs. 

Fitness: Week two of Winter Shape Up

  I hope you have a lovely week! 


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