Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 Word

Happy New Year! 

IMG 4216

Our family rang in the new year sound asleep in bed after Dan and I hit up the town for 3 hours (our max).

New year’s resolutions don’t really work for me, although that typically doesn’t stop me from making them. It also doesn’t stop me from joining the other crazies at CostCo and buying all.the.vegetables. Seriously, you would have thought they were never going to sell vegetables again. 

Goals work for me, but when I thought of a goal for 2016 my brain became fuzzy. Goals are so concrete, have deadlines, and are measurable. My only goal over the next 6 months is to keep me and the girls fed, clean(ish), and out the door on time (give or take 15 minutes). 

So, I am going to settle for a word. One word. I think I can handle that. 


Less time wasted scrolling through social media because that is all my tired brain can handle.

Less stuff. Dear God, please help me get rid of some of our stuff. 

Less crap in our bodies (I’m looking at the top shelf of our pantry where our Christmas treats have multiplied).

Less debt (our home loan is our next things to tackle and it is a doozy). 

Less worrying about things that are completely out of my control.

Less frowns (my default way too often these days). 

I am hoping that having less of the above will leave room for more of everything else. The good stuff. Vegetables (if CostCo still has some), space, savings, focused time, smiles, etc. 

If you could pick ONE word for 2016, what would it be? 

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  1. My word for this year is going to be savor. I want to enjoy all the good stuff that comes my way. This includes the food that I put in my mouth, spending quality time with my family, the awe of nature, appreciating any vacations or short trips, and trying to do closer to one thing at a time instead of many.


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