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How are things going on your side of the internet? 

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(New library books!)

I am trucking along over here, although I constantly feel like I am losing my mind. On Sunday, the girls and I left for church with the front door completely wide open. Fortunately, no wild animals sought shelter in our home and unfortunately, no one took any of our stuff. (I am just being silly of course, but sometimes I joke with Dan and say I wish someone would take some of our stuff off our hands. He doesn’t think it is funny.)

Then, yesterday, someone asked me how old Ina was and I answered, “two and a half,’ even though I had just spent the last month lavishly celebrating her third birthday. It wasn’t until that person asked me if Ina was potty trained that I remembered she is in fact three. 

I blame my lack of brain capacity on the fact that Cora is sleeping horribly. From one to three months she woke up at most twice a night, but for the past 4 weeks it has been 4 to 5 times a night. Thankfully, she snacks a little and this goes back to sleep. The reasonable part of my brain knows that I shouldn’t let her snack and make her take a full feeding so she won’t do the same thing again in an hour and a half, but the sleepy part of my brain, well, goes to sleep right along with her.  

At Cora’s 4 month appointment, the doctor said she is slightly underweight, mostly because of how long she is. So, I am thinking she is waking up to eat more? I might try having Dan give her a bottle right before bedtime to see if that helps. 

IMG 3874

(They kind of like each other.)

At the same doctor’s appointment we talked about Ina sleeping in her big girl bed. The doctor gave us a sheet of stickers to use as a reward for Ina. (What the doctor didn’t know was that we needed a reward for daddy too.) However, it is amazing what a sticker will do. Ina has slept in her bed the past two nights without getting up once. 

IMG 3610

Last night she was kind of scared, but stayed brave with her blankie and stuffed animals and counted the “sprinkles” coming off her mirror. I am so proud of her. 

So between Cora and Ina’s wake-ups, I am not sleeping at all, but at least it is at the same time? 

A whole blog post about sleep? Chalk that up to things I never thought I would do before I had kids. 

Have a lovely day. <3

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