Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bounce House + Gingerbread

Good Sunday Morning!

IMG 3840  1

On weekends when Dan works, I can’t gather up the nerve to tackle the world with two children by myself. So, other than venturing out to Aldi, we typically stay at home.

IMG 3837

Well, yesterday was a treat, because after our Aldi trip and nap(ish), we went to my nephew Jake’s birthday party at a bounce house, where Ina sufficiently wore herself out 

IMG 3853

and Cora was given all the attention she desires. 

IMG 3847

Then, we went home, met Dan, and drove to his uncle’s house for a gingerbread house making party. 

IMG 3855

His girlfriend Tara (who we adore) decorated the house amazingly and supplied us with everything we would need to make a gingerbread village. 

IMG 3862

Although we didn’t build anything and pretty much watched other people work and snuck bites of candy, it was a great social outing when we would have most likely be in bed otherwise. 

IMG 3869

This week is going to be short because we will be out of town this weekend. 


Snacks: smoothies, date and oatmeal cookies

Fitness: This is my last week of the beta round of T25. Better make it count!

  • Sunday: rest
  • Monday: Rip’t Circuit
  • Tuesday: Core Cardio
  • Wednesday: Rip’t Circuit
  • Thursday: Dynamic Core
  • Friday: Rip’t Circuit + Speed 2.0
  • Saturday: rest

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