Monday, December 28, 2015

15 Ways Christmas 2015 was Great

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1. We met some friends and their kids for a pre-holiday puzzle session. This picture is a straight-up miracle.

IMG 4096

2. We made egg nog. Oh my, you must do this ASAP, or at least by next Christmas.

IMG 4101

3. We saw Star Wars on Christmas Eve as a family. Both Ina and Cora were perfect during the entire movie. 

IMG 4115

4. On Christmas Even we went to Grandma Frankie’s house where we were all spoiled. I also made whipped goat cheese with honey, which I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since eating at Rye. 

IMG 4126

5. We opened presents as a family for the first time on Christmas morning at our house. It was so sweet and perfect and even though Ina has opened a lot of toys this year she showed plenty of gratitude over her socks, underwear, band-aides, toothpaste, sippy cups, and Tic-Tacs that were in her stocking.

6. Dan gave me a gift certificate to have my car professionally cleaned inside and out SIX times and I gave myself (and my mom) a Day Designer. My type A personality could not be more excited. 

IMG 4130

7. After opening presents we rushed around in order to get ready for Christmas at my grandma’s. We left the house without shoes for Ina, but thankfully Grandma gave her some, so she played in her dress, tights, and Nikes. 

IMG 0098

8. Brunch at grandma’s house was delicious and opening presents was interesting as my mom proposed that we sing a Christmas song in between each present. Three Cheers for new family traditions!

IMG 0101

9. We had more farm fresh milk (+ cottage cheese, and sour cream) delivered! It really does pay to know the right people.

IMG 4152

10. After playing and laughing and eating a diet of mostly sugar and butter, we all crashed hard. 

IMG 4136

11. Cora can now suck her big toe no problem

IMG 4147

12. We visited Dan’s dad and step-mom the day after Christmas. Papa Dana taught Ina how to make a fire and she has only asked to have one in our fire place 10 times since then.

IMG 4149

13. We went to church yesterday and Ina sings, “Thank you God for Baby Jesus” over and over (and over) again. 

14. The Chiefs made it to the playoffs!

15. We ended the holiday yesterday by having my mom’s mom’s side of the family over to our house. I was busy playing hostess/nursing mom, so I didn’t have much time to take pictures, but it was great having all of them over. 

I hope you holidays were just a lovely! Happy last week of the year!


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