Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Good morning!

IMG 3478

Ina has had a stomach bug for the past few days and not eaten much, but she woke me up at 5 am and said, “Mom, I want a bagel.” I hope that means she turned a corner.

A few things we have been doing over here, other than trying to keep food in Ina’s stomach:

- T25 with the whole family.

IMG 3487

I have been doing my workouts after work, which tends to involve the entire family. Although my workouts might not be as effective, they are definitely more entertaining and mentally challenging as I try to plank walk with a tiny human underneath me.

-Cleaning out my office/coat closet/eBay selling room. Dan is a coat hoarder and I am a used gift bag hoarder, so this is obviously a multi-day process. 

IMG 3479

- Kale salads. My FIL bought a huge bag of kale at Sam’s club and I have been taking advantage of it.

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- Dinner with family. Look at Cora with her cousin.

12227611 1207912559222989 332803603932584583 n

- A family walk to the park - even the dog went.

- These breakfast cookies. I made them yesterday morning and there are only three left.

Today is a very special day because my sister is being induced tonight. I hope to meet my newest niece or nephew in the next 48 hours! Have a good one! <3


  1. Oh my goodness - Cora is so sweet!!! And that little Scottie dog shirt of Ina's...LOVE!!! Keep up the good work, Mommy!!!

  2. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for writing your blog! Another blogger I follow decided it was best for her family to stop blogging and while I understand, I am going to miss her. It made me realize that I read blogs without commenting and I wanted you to know that you are an encouragement! My husband and I are on the dave ramsey plan to pay out our school loans too. I enjoy reading about your faith and family. Keep on writing! I especially look forward to how you handle 2 kids bc we are thinking about trying for a second as well. Anyway, I pray you are having an amazing day!


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