Monday, October 26, 2015

Things Ina Says 2.9 Years

IMG 2910 Ina: Mom, I mostly call you ‘Mom."

Me: True. What else do you call me?

Ina: Well, I sometimes call you Racheal. That is your nickname.


IMG 2966

I handed her a toothbrush and toothpaste. She looked at them, laughed and said, “Good thing I have two hands!" 


Singing this little light of mine...

Ina: Is Jesus shining the light? 

Me: The light is the little part of Jesus inside you- it is called the Holy Spirit

Ina- It's inside me?

Me: Yes

Ina: It is making my belly button infected

IMG 3004


IMG 3161

Me: Where do you want to have your birthday party?

Ina: At Joe’s

Me: Where’s Joes?

Ina: Trader Joe’s

Me: You are my kid. 


IMG 3176

Ina: If we brought a hippo home, would it leave footprints on our floor?

Me: Yep! And it would eat all of our food!

Ina: No, it can’t get into our refrigerator. It doesn’t have thumbs. 

Me: It might sneak up behind me when I open it like you do.

Ina: Yeah, and it will yell, surprise! Happy Birthday!


IMG 3197

While watching a Gerber life commercial, “Mom, we NEED to give our child a head start. Cora needs it!”


Stranger, “How old are you?”

Ina: “I’m 2. But I’m 3 when I ride ponies."

 Other things Ina says: 

2.65 years

2.5 years

2.25 years

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