Thursday, October 15, 2015

Thankful Thursday


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I have avoided this keyboard like the plague because I go back to work on Monday and I don’t want to think about it. Unfortunately, when I write, I think (kind of), which is why I have been pretty quiet.

But, pointing out the things I am thankful for is always good for the soul.

I am thankful the Royals made it to the ALCS. 

Whew, it was a tough road to get there, but we made it. 

I am thankful for all of our baby supplies. I know women used to care for babies with nothing to help them out, so I know we are blessed. The day I bought the double stroller I felt free and we have used it almost every day since. Cora also takes at least one nap a day in the swing our friend Courtney let us borrow.

IMG 3093

I am thankful that my body is healthy and able to do things like walk to the park and play with my kids. After being not able to for so long, I keep reminding myself to soak it all in.

I am thankful that Cora is taking bottles okay and pacifiers okay(ish).

IMG 2987

I am thankful that Dan has this weekend off work. So far.

I am thankful for Etsy and ease in which I ordered the girls’ “handmade” Halloween costumes. 

IMG 3044

Ina is going to be a unicorn and Cora is going to be a mermaid. 

I am incredibly thankful for the life I have been given and the opportunities I have been blessed with. I pray every day that I am using them correctly.

What are you thankful for? 

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