Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Giving Myself a Break

For a year.


Ina’s first year of life was intense because as a new mom I didn’t really know what I was doing. For some reason I thought I would try to be superwoman on top of that and do all the things. I think around 9 months or so I finally reached a breaking point and we had some dark times around our house. 

This time around I am giving myself a break, for an entire year. How so? Let me count they ways...


I love nothing more than to cook a fresh meal for my family, but I have to accept I am not always going to have the time or energy to make it work. I have a very vivid memory of me making some type of mango pork dish when Ina was about 2 months old and screaming her head off the entire time. I also remember eating it and thinking this doesn’t taste good enough for the torture I just went through. This time around, I will do my best to prep dinners the Sunday before, use the slow cooker, and make “semi-homemade” meals, but if it isn’t happening, I will not be above calling in a to-go order for Chipotle. I also plan on having my groceries delivered every other week.


I think this will be an area where I will try to make a better choice, but maybe not always the best choice. When I nurse I have the hunger of ten men so I eat a lot. I don’t want to impact my supply, so I eat when I am hungry and try to pick a good snack / meal choice. I am not going to do any super strict calorie counting, detoxes, diets, etc. 


I am not going to train for anything for an entire year - please someone hold me to that. I will try my best to do exercises that are fast and easily accessible with kids - like a T25 video or running a few miles with the stroller, but nothing more. If you hear me saying I want to sign up for a half marathon slap me on the hand.


Dan, if you are reading this, don’t get too excited. We are still going to have a budget, but convenience for other things (like more eating out, grocery shopping at places other than Aldi, and having my house cleaned) costs money, so we won’t be putting as much as possible into savings. 


I know that many of you who have been to my house might think that I already give myself a pretty big break in this area, but you haven’t seen anything yet. My sole focus will be on making sure the dishwasher gets ran every other day. Other than that,  it will be free for all and the lovely woman who cleans my house every other week will make sure mold doesn’t grow in the shower.


I am sure you have already noticed that my posts are more sporadic and that will likely not change for awhile. I absolutely love waking up, making a cup of coffee, and sitting down to talk to you about all the things I love, but the time just isn’t there every day. I have faith that it will be one day again, but maybe not, and I am OK with that. 

I am hoping that by giving myself a break with all of the above, I will have more time and energy for my family. However, having said all that, I absolutely feel like my best self when I start my day by blogging, balancing my budget, exercising, and planning healthy meals, so I am going to give them by best balanced try.

Have a great day! xoxo 


  1. I'm at about 9 months with my first baby and I think this post came to me as a blessing today. Thank you!! I am constantly wondering why don't I have my life together, yet. It's been 9 months, shouldn't I have all this mastered by now?! But the first year really does take a year. Good for you for giving yourself a break! I definitely need to give myself one on all of my "short comings" -- the ones based on what I use to be able to do before I had a baby.

  2. I have had to learn to give myself a break too, especially after we welcomed our third child Leah to the family 15 months ago. If I am honest, the first year of her life felt like the hardest/most challenging of my life as a mom, even though she is really not a difficult baby -- it was more just the culmination of all the kids' needs/demands, their age difference and the difficulty of all getting out together or finding an activity that works for all of them, working (even though I love my job and only work part-time), etc. Things have gotten so much easier since she turned 1, is weaned, and getting a little more independent, and can really enjoy and engage in activities with the other kids. I've made some positive changes like ordering groceries for delivery that has allowed me to actually plan meals on a consistent basis and save precious time. I've really cut myself some slack in the exercise department, which is hard for me, because my internal voice tells me I need to do more, and I do feel better when I'm active. So I'm trying to find small ways throughout the day to be active, or taking 10 minutes here and there to do some high-intensity stuff or core work. I only get out to run about once a week or so and that is OK. I love to sew and do so when I can but have also put some projects/planned gifts on the back burner until further notice and focusing on smaller projects that are fun and less stressful. Some people look at me and would say well hey you are still doing a lot, and I do realize that by nature I am a busy/project oriented person, so yeah I still have 'stuff' constantly going on and in the works. But internally I have really learned to dial back my own expectations, which has been huge.

  3. I have a 7 year old and I still don't have it figured out ;) But I think I'm going to follow your lead and give myself a break.. Great post! As always :)


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