Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thankful Thursday

Good morning!

I am thankful for baby smiles.

IMG 2479

Miss Cora has been smiling like crazy and I can’t help but fall more and more in love with her every time she looks up at me and shoots me a grin. And then toots. And then grins more. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to take Ina to see Frozen on Ice. I wanted to go, but Dan had to work and I didn’t think I could handle both girls solo. So, (thankfully) I convinced my mom and sister to join us and we had a blast. 

IMG 2489

I sort of want to dress Ina up as Elsa everyday. 

IMG 2491

I am thankful that our friend Eric left his bobcat in our driveway over night.

IMG 2497

Ina asked Dan if she could drive it and this motivated Dan to remove a dead tree from our backyard, which I am also thankful for.

IMG 2509

However, while removing the tree, Dan hit the cord that connected our internet service to our house. So, I am also thankful to the AT&T employee who fixed it yesterday, after Dan tried to splice the (as it turns out, wrong) cord.

I am also thankful to my friend/neighbor Kim who let me borrow her internet on her front porch when I desperately needed it while our’s was out. 

And, while on the subject, let me just say that I am thankful for internet. What did we do without it?

I am thankful for Ina’s daycare, which she is still going to 2 days a week while I am on maternity leave. Not only does it give me some time to regroup, going to Danielle’s and playing with Gunner gives Ina some social interaction that she doesn’t get as much when she is home with me and Cora all day. 

11891496 10153616657704589 6240217834610828042 o

But, I sure do miss that blonde ponytail when she is gone!

I am thankful to Dan who watched both Cora and Ina by himself for a few hours this week. I had to get out of the house for a work thing, and I only called once! 

IMG 2501

I am thankful for kale! Danielle’s dad (Papa Fred) gave us a bag of it and I have been making each meal a little greener. 

IMG 2517

The kale plants I bought aren’t as tasty as this.

What are you thankful for? 

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