Sunday, September 20, 2015

My Meal and Exercise Plan [9/20]

Good Sunday Morning to you!

IMG 2768

I hope you had an excellent weekend. Our’s has been great so far. Friday night Ina, Cora, and I went to my grandparents’ house and played Go Fish.

IMG 2787

Needless to say, despite Ina’s excellent show-your-cards-strategy, she did not win. 

Saturday Dan and I prepared our house for having 15 people over for dinner. And by prepared, I mean Dan smoked a lot of meat. 

IMG 2791

Ina woke up from her nap to find her sand box full of sand and cousins. 

We lit a fire, watched the Royals game, and made s’mores. 

IMG 2794

It was such a good night. 

Today our church small group starts again! Yay! We decided not to do dinners this semester, but I am making this black bean dip and having apples and caramel out for snacks.

We have a lot of leftover meat from yesterday, so I am going to try to incorporate that into our meals this week. Also, thanks to those of you who let me know that I need to eliminate dairy for at least 2, if not 3, weeks before it will completely leave my and Cora’s system. So, I am still on the no-dairy train. It is hard to tell if it is improving Cora’s mood (she still cries the majority of the time she is awake and not eating), but her skin has cleared up drastically. I am hoping that was just a coincidence? 

  • Sunday: leftovers
  • Monday: chicken fried rice with lots of veggies added in
  • Tuesday: pesto chicken pizza (with goat cheese for my pieces) with roasted brussels sprouts
  • Wednesday: shrimp pad thai
  • Thursday: Asian turkey meatballs with brown rice and roasted broccoli
  • Friday: out to eat
  • Saturday: Plaza art fair! Will likely eat something there

Snacks/breakfast: overnight apple pie slow cooker oatmeal, coconut oil chocolate, strawberry basil popsicles, pumpkin bars

I am in the middle of T25 week 2 and while I am not exactly rocking the moves, I am doing better. I signed up for a 5K in a month and I am hoping that T25 gives me the cardio endurance I need to finish it. Ha!

I hope you have an excellent week!


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