Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Good morning!

IMG 2718

How are things going? We have been great over here and really enjoying this beautiful weather

IMG 2726

and playing with friends.

IMG 2733

On Monday afternoon Dan acquired a smoker.

IMG 2742

It is so funny how he has friends in the right place at the right time. That very morning we were browsing smokers on Craig’s List and then a few hours later he saw a friend who had one in the back of his truck he wasn’t using. Dan traded him a golf club he wasn’t using and we were in business. 

Of course, he hasn’t really moved from that spot since and is trying to throw everything in the smoker.

IMG 2743

As managing a smoker requires a lot of time outside, we have also been doing some work on the back yard (which desperately needed it). 

IMG 2753

We pulled weeds,

IMG 2744

put in a fire pit,

IMG 2749

and I even pruned my basil plants. 

IMG 2748

Nap time pesto making for the win. 

Something else that is on fire - my legs. I did the lower focus T25 workout yesterday and I cry every time I have to go up a flight of stairs. 

I hear someone calling my name, so I am out before she wakes up her sister. 

Have a great day!

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